As I sit here, Brooklyn Public Library, I look around enthralled at nameless faces as they were books, all of different genres, stories, wondering what their chapters are made of. What stories would unfold if I turned their pages.

I spent many days praying, visualizing, , hoping that one day my New York dreams would be real. You usually hear these types of stories after the fact, after the experiences, after the ups and downs but here I am: an open book – ready to share my chapters as I live them as I write them.

I have been feeding my appetite for art and education since I have been here and also have been attending events that has really gotten my juices flowing. I know sometimes its easy to feel lost in this city and that’s normal – but I feel like I belong here and I’m taking you with me.

Join me as I share makeup tips, videos and an insight into the life of a makeup artist actively pursuing her dreams.