Tweezerman 35th Anniversary

This week Tweezerman celebrated their 35th anniversary!  The celebrations took place at The Gansevoortin New York City.

Tweezerman was kind enough to gift me a kit full of their best tools as a special gift for being a VIP PRO. Now, if I leave home without these, a slight panic attack is highly possible. LOL – not even kidding though. Honestly, if it doesn’t say tweezerman – it doesn’t make sense.

I’ve been using my past tweezers as eyelash applicators etc. What I love most about this company is not only their lifetime guarantee but their constant innovation. I planned on adding their duo fiber brush to my kit but I ended up keeping it all to my little self. It’s that good.

What are other MUST HAVES from Tweezerman?

A little tool that you may not have tried before, is their rubber mascara guard. While assisting on set, I saw these being used and since being reintroduced to the market. I now have 2.

Tweezerman Tools
engrave tweezersCree is me 🙂