Top 10 Instagram Makeup Artists to Follow During NYFW 2014

Fashion Week is undoubtedly here. So far we’ve seen countless collections with many more to go. While I’d love to get into the fashion, today, it’s all about the makeup. As mentioned on my Instagram @jaleesajaikaran, last night, I wanted to share my top artists to follow during New York Fashion Week. Now hear me out, there are countless artists to follow but THESE?, these are my favorites. You know the type that makes your phone have no storage left because of the incessant screenshots? yeah, those. These folks are found behind several designers and brands and deliver the best makeup in the industry- point.blank. period. I’ve come to the realization that some of my favorite artists hardly have any pictures on their instagrams backstage (because they’re so busy!) so I would highly suggested searching the hashtags included on the list. You will also find posts from the artists working on their teams.

Can’t wait any longer right? Let get into it!

1. Pat Mc Grath @patmcgrathreal #patmcgrath Pat always give us the latest and greatest behind the scenes. With years and years of experience in fashion makeup, it’s refreshing that Pat never ceases to blow us away!

nyfw pat mcgrath artists to follow jaleesa jaikaran makeup artists

2. Romero Jennings @romerojennings #romerojennings

 photo (33)

  3.Val Garland @thevalgarland #valgarland

photo (34)

4. Gisel Calvillo @giselcalvillo Besides great makeup, she is a wonderful person.

photo (35)

  5. Charlotte Tilbury @ctilburymakeup

photo (38)

6. Mari Shten @marishten #artistsmoxie

7. Stephanie Flor @stephanieflor #artistsmoxie You can find the entire moxie team in action at @artistsmoxie  – Love them!

photo (31)

8. Kabuki #KabukiMagic #Kabuki

 photo (30)

9. Lottie @lotstar

lot star


While these are not artists, they are avenues that we could see our fav artists in action, see sneak peeks of new products, upcoming and current trends.

10. MAC Cosmetics @maccosmetics

photo (37)

BONUS! Fashion TV @fashiontv

photo (40)

Find me on Instagram at @jaleesajaikaran ,  Now tell me, who are some of your favorite Fashion Week artists?

Photo Credit: All artists mentioned, MAC Cosmetics, Fashion Tv