The Artist

Jaleesa Jaikaran’s make-up journey began in 2009 with an epiphany and enlightenment she received after purchasing a foundation for a fashion show in which she modeled and so in 2010, it was certain of what her next step would be. This spark transformed into a fire that has continued to be ignited and fueled.

A make-up artistry course brought on the realization (of self and others) that this is where her forte and talent lies and thus, her platform to flourish. It went like this: she married the idea of make-up and creativity and voila , her life-long passion was birthed.

A life changing opportunity arose for Jaleesa to move and grow within her company and just like that, she packed up her bags, left Trinidad and headed for New York. She is a  lover of all things creative : art, fashion, music and photography. A tiny woman packed with passion, faith, drive, love and strength.

This blog is a representation of her life as a makeup artist and the unwavering fact that dreams do come true.


jaleesa makeup artist