Real Opinions from Real Artists: Mari Shten, Should I Go To Makeup School?

Two days after I moved to New York, I was sitting in Mari’s class at the Makeup Forever Boutique. That’s how much I am in love with her work! This post means a lot to me because Mari was the first artist I assisted since moving here. I fervently follow her work and extremely excited to share this post with you.

Mari Shten grew up in Siberia and eventually moved to Moscow where she began doing makeup.  Art and performance have always been a passion for her. Following her dreams, Mari traveled through Europe and to the USA where she experienced beauty in many different cultures, greatly influenced her. After graduating from makeup school in Los Angeles, it was New York’s electric and progressive energy that inspired Mari to set routes in the city. Some of her clients including American Vogue, Glamour, Elle Italia, Sony, Make Up For Ever and Victoria’s Secret. She has been creating looks for social personalities of New York and worked with celebrities such as Mariah Carey and Cynthia Nixon. She is now part of  Artists’  Moxie, a group of 4 inspirational artists specializing in hair, makeup and nails. They will also be Key Note Speakers at The Makeup Show this year.


Jaleesa:  How was your experience at MUD?

Mari: I went to MUD when I already had over a year experience in makeup and retail. I knew basics and had a good knowledge about products. I took Fashion Artistry Program at MUD that had 3 different classes: Makeup, Hairstyling and Portfolio. The makeup class gave me more basic knowledge in makeup and a classic understanding of makeup. I can’t say I learned more then I already knew though, the hair styling and portfolio classes however, were amazing!

The teachers were very talented and I learned great techniques in hair! Plus during portfolio class I learned how to present myself, make an invoices, comp cards and how to put together a portfolio. Wednesday nights lectures definitely were my favorite because we had the opportunity to meet working artists. Another great plus, was the provision of the school’s website where you could find some work,  mostly not paid but invaluable working experience.

I took an airbrush class in addition to the program but from my experience, I rather Temptu classes. Overall, I would say – go to school if you are a beginner and have never done makeup before and if you are sure this is the career you want! because its not cheap!!!


Jaleesa: Would you say that makeup school molded you into the artist that you are today?

Mari: It’s definitely NOT the school who molded me into the artist. As any type of school it gives you basic knowledge and then you have to figure out your own way. Acquire experience in different types of makeup and for different types media will help you to understand what you like and what you want to do. Also, if you can assist other artists, its amazing opportunity to learn. Take advantage of the classes provided from The Powder Group and Make Up For Ever that will help you to learn new techniques.

Overall, Hard work and vision for what I want to do molded me into the artist I am today.

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artists moxie the makeup showLook out for workshops coming soon from Artists Moxie.