Real Opinions from Real Artists: Anthony Sinanan, Should I Go To Makeup School?

In continuation of the series, Real Opinions by Real Artists on the topic of makeup school, I wanted to be sure you see the view from many different angles. In the last post, we met with Monifa Mortis, who we love, and respect, but what about the artists with just a couple years in the business? Today, we chat with Anthony Sinanan, born in South Trinidad and a graduate of Ken Gordon School of Journalism & Communication Studies. Anthony got his start by just visiting his local MAC store in Gulf City Mall with his sister, (maybe we will cut out the part where I ran after him  by the elevator to ask if he does makeup and he then said no but I wouldn’t take no for an answer)   where the artists there took a keen interest in him and encouraged (or forced lol)  him to take a short makeup class with Sacha Cosmetics. After doing so, Anthony quickly began doing faces and landed a job at MAC Cosmetics, where he moved from Product Specialist to Assistant Manager in just a matter of time. Anthony, who I’m happy to say I know and have worked alongside, has truly shown that practice and perseverance pays off. 

Jaleesa: Seeing that you did not go to school for makeup, do you feel that you are to a disadvantage?

Anthony: When I started my career I always felt I was at a huge disadvantage because I did not attend a traditional makeup school. This feeling was compounded by the common belief that; formal training was the only credible way of learning. However, we often times discount the efforts and perseverance of those who are self-taught. Through my experiences, I have come to realize that we are unremitting learners, always looking to perfect our craft. We can always learn a thing or two from each other.

Jaleesa: Do you think that your success (now or in the future) is dependent on whether you went to makeup school or not?

Anthony: I don’t think your success is dependent on anything else other than hard work and determination.

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  • Kalifa P Phillip

    Nice comments. I wish we heard more about the artist.

    • jaleesajaikaran

      Since I value your opinion so much I agree and edited it! 🙂 thanks

  • Christina Azan

    I came onto your blog via you youtube channel .. I love this look! Would you be willing do do a video on how to get this look? I have a red/pink/gold costume for Jamaica carnival.