The Powder Group Summer School with Mari Shten

Summer is here and I couldn’t be any happier. Especially now that TPG has launched their Summer School Program! I had the opportunity to sit in their first class of the season with Mari Shten. You have probably seen Mari on my blog before when we chatted about Makeup School, this time, Mari focused on Creative Beauty.

Mari has spent 6 years in the business. She went to MUD Makeup School and because of her fascination, she moved to LA. Shortly after she realized she wasn’t about that life and fashion and editorial was where she wanted to be. New York was the next stop.

Mari worked her ass off, doing bartending at night and as much testing as she could during the day.
Someone once told her, you can’t make it in New York unless you’ve been here for at least 5 years. Clearly Mari is defying the odds having her work grace the pages of magazines, celebrities and her many trips to Paris, Milan for Fashion Week.
With Beauty being one of her most favorite types of makeup to do, Mari shared a couple secrets to how she comes to the amazing looks she produces.
1. You HAVE to understand the camera and the light. It’s an integral part of being a makeup artist.
2. Communication is key! Especially with the photographer, always be polite but most of all be well informed.
3. She almost never uses powder when doing Beauty Makeup.
4. She finds her inspiration by going to museums and art galleries, especially when she travels. You can build a story around one thing.
5. Always build a creative look from a clean look.
6. Go to Sephora & TRY products!
7. Use non makeup materials like the one used in this makeup look. These leaves were bought at the flower district and burnt for texture.
8. Most of all: Challenge yourself!

Find more of TPG Summer School every Wednesday:

Summer’s here and with it comes long weekends on the beach, barbeque and lot’s of free education at The Powder Group! That’s right, the Summer of 2015 is the season of TPG Summer School – and TPG Pro Members attend for free! Non-members attend for only $45 or $200 for all six sessions! Register below.

Beginning on Wednesday, July 15 and running through Wednesday, August 19, The Powder Group will bring you a different artist session to inform, educate and inspire. every Wednesday evening. Space is limited for each event, but there is no limit to how many programs you can participate in, so register today!


All TPG Summer School events will be held at Mattese NYC/Crown Brush Studio: 134 9th Avenue from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.