Playtime with the Moises Ramirez

It always happens to me, I’m always at the right place at the right time. After shopping at Michael’s around 23rd Street in NYC, I headed to the MAC Pro store on 22nd, I had a bunch of things to collect so I headed to the back to gather myself and my belongings and who would I see? Moises Ramirez. Moises, a former MAC Artist, is a creative soul and talented painter. He takes his love for art and transfers it on both paper and faces.

The Photographer, Pino Gomes and I shot together for the Makeup Forever Ad I did over a year ago. Since then, we’ve been connected and truly not only talented but a genuine and humble person.

Fast forward, 2 minutes – Pino asked if I wanted to get in front the camera. Now, it might seem this is always easy for me but I’m usually my most comfortable in my own space recording for my online tutorials.

We did some macro shots where Moises used some Makeup Forever Flash Palette and Wolfe Cream Makeup to create this kaleidoscopic eye, that I myself was in awe by.

IMG_7637 IMG_7643 IMG_7644

IMG_7687 IMG_7642