Warm Winter Makeup Tutorial


I wanted to do a look that gave some warmth to the skin. We’ve been rocking lots of plums and reds but I wanted to incorporate a bit of color while still being very season appropriate.


Viseart Matte Neutral Palette ( bought at #CameraReadyCosmetics )
Makeup Forever Pigments – #4 Orange & Metal Powder Olive Gold #4
Makeup Forever Aqua Black
MAC False Lashes Mascara

MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick
MAC XS lipstick (used as lipliner)

MAC Face & Body Foundation C7 & Studio Fix Fluid NC50
Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer 8
MAC NC45 Select Sheer Loose & Mineralized Skin Finish Natural Dark
MAC Golden Bronze as Highlightphoto (49)

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Mathu Andersen Key Note Speaker at The Makeup Show NYC 2013

Humanizing Glamour with Mathu Andersen

I always have a book and a pen, and at The Makeup Show I saw it vital to take notes- whether you do it on your smart phone or a napkin, these are timeless opportunities that we get a little bit inside of the heads of these makeup geniuses. Although drag isn’t on the top of my fav list, its imperative to see and learn from different artists and at least understand various aspects of your craft. He is talented and VERY entertaining. This was one of my favorite presentations at The Makeup Show this year.

I did more video for this keynote presentation, but I will still share the little notes that I took:

Now for those who may not know exactly who this icon is, I suggest checking out this link : http://gabrialgeismar.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/mathu-andersen-teacher-makeup-god-photogapher-icon/


–          He was more interested in photography.

–          Originally from Australia

–          Richard Sharah (David Bowie’s makeup artist) was a major inspiration to him

–          He also took inspiration from comics


–          “Makeup is 80% paint.”

–          “Your magic is within you.”


–          Mist & Fix

–          HD Primer

–          Super Matte Powder  (especially for Ru)

Check out the video above to see a Drag Race Mathu Andersen transformation.

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We’ve been with Kelly Rowland since her Destiny’s Child days. Over the years, we have seen Kelly’s style evolve drastically. On The heels of her new album, Talk A Good Game, we’re keeping a close eye on Kelly and taking note of how she’s embraced her own style and beauty.

Know when to keep it simple – Kelly has become much anticipated on the red carpet. What we love about her; is that sleek simplicity that stuns us every time. With her jaw dropping looks, her makeup, hair and accessories always seem to fit. Kelly’s quiet confidence gives us a little reminder that simple truly does mean effective.

kelly rowland style

Embrace Color – Lots of women may feel as though they have passed the age for wearing brighter colors in lipsticks, eye shadows or blush. In her video this year, “Kisses Down Low”, Kelly shows us how to have fun with color while still being grown and sexy. If you’re still timid about color, try a lip gloss that can be sheered out to your preference. For eyes, tried a colored liner in the waterline. (p.s I love Shieka Daly!)

kelly rowland bright makeup

Experiment with Hair – Having gone through a series of synthetic wigs in the past; Kelly’s hairstyles are now face-fitting and professionally done. Kelly has tried everything from shorter cuts, bangs and big curls, which all seems to work for her. When looking for a new do- try different wigs before taking the plunge, especially if it involves scissors. Analyze your face shape and seek the advice of a professional.

kelly rowland hairstyles

Take Care of Your Skin – Kelly has never shyed away from being photographed with little to no makeup. Most of us think celebrities are always confined to being perfectly done all the time. Kelly us showed us, in more ways than one that makeup is truly just an enhancement of her own natural beauty. This should give us all inspiration to take care of our skin by using moisturizer and SPF daily.

kelly rowland no makeup

Work With Your Features – Not everything is everybody (this we know!) Whether it is a hairstyle, fashion or makeup, Kelly has proven to us over the years that she knows how to use what she has. Back in Destiny’s Child days, she wore whatever Tina Knowles assigned, but now? Kelly has become a show stopper on every red carpet she has stepped foot on.

kelly rowland confidence

This article is content from Fuzion Magazine written  by Jaleesa Jaikaran

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Developing an Editorial Story with Viktorija Bowers Recap & Review

On the heels on The Makeup Show 2013, Makeup Forever launched Pro Artistry Week. A jam packed week offering Intensive Education (All Hands On). While there were tons of  classes by renowned artists to choose from like Damone Roberts and Mathu Andersen – I was thrilled for Viktorija’s class.

Who is Viktorija Bowers?

viktorija photoVIKTORIJA BOWERS was born and raised in the seaside oasis of Croatia on the Dalmatian Coast, a makeup artist inspired by fairy tales and greek mythology. She is a genuine soul that is a huge inspiration. She is also an oil painter and when she is not making faces, she paints. Viktorija has had her work grace the pages of  Vogue Nippon, InStyle, Cosmo Girl to name a few.

If I had to give this class a theme other than its original name I would definitely say it would be:


Viktorija gave us an insight on what happens before a shoot, during, but also gave us valuable lessons on not only makeup but the attitude and principles that create success.

Before the actual makeup demonstration she shared a few tips that are noted below:

–          There is no “I” in “Team” – without TEAM, you are nothing.

–          Be two steps ahead of in editorial – (80’s 3 tone eyeshadow GTG!) (Seriously)

–          Learn to compromise without compromising your vision.

–          Dig yourself into history, you are your best ally – knowledge is POWER

–          Be deliberate.

–          ALWAYS be sure of yourself.

–          Be like clay – be able to mold yourself, she likes to think of herself like water, taking shape of  whatever she’s poured into.

–          Try not to say “no” – create a verbal contract when asked to do something you may not be able to deliver on or will take too much time. Eg. I can change the look but it will cause X to happen, is that ok?

–          She is very authoritarian rule with herself. Don’t get SAD, get ANGRY and be the best you can be.

–          You do not want be a copy cat.

–          Be true to yourself, don’t let ANYONE look down on you because they too started somewhere.

–          If you put too much stuff on the face, it becomes VISUAL VOMIT.


Makeup Application:

Viktorija gave us the inspiration picture she used for one of her photo shoots and let us be creative. She reminded us that we did not have to do literal translations.

1. Exfoliate model for beauty editorials (She likes Embroylisse Cream Exfoliate)

2. Drag Foundation for a lighter coverage or Stipple for a heavier coverage.

3. Foundation should match the color bone.

4. Mix Makeup Forever’s Uplight into the foundation or with an illuminating powder for that shiny/dewy look.

5. Take a heavier foundation or concealer (MUFE’s full cover) for “bleaching” brows.


The cost of the class was way less than what I actually learnt. Makeup Forever offered this workshop for $125 and was fully redeemable in product (with discount if you have your Backstage Card).

If you are ever thinking of attending a Makeup Forever workshop or a Viktorija Bowers class, please do not hesitate. Expect guidance without the fluff and inspiration to get you going!

Our inspiration was bugs, here is my translation and pictures of after the class with Viktorija herself and makeup artist, Elesia Cunningham better known as DivadoesMakeup.

photo (18)


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As I sit here, Brooklyn Public Library, I look around enthralled at nameless faces as they were books, all of different genres, stories, wondering what their chapters are made of. What stories would unfold if I turned their pages.

I spent many days praying, visualizing, , hoping that one day my New York dreams would be real. You usually hear these types of stories after the fact, after the experiences, after the ups and downs but here I am: an open book – ready to share my chapters as I live them as I write them.

I have been feeding my appetite for art and education since I have been here and also have been attending events that has really gotten my juices flowing. I know sometimes its easy to feel lost in this city and that’s normal – but I feel like I belong here and I’m taking you with me.

Join me as I share makeup tips, videos and an insight into the life of a makeup artist actively pursuing her dreams.

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