Well Kept SS 2015 Backstage Beauty Recap

Had a blast covering this show! Loving life as a beauty blogger! Check out the footage below!










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Honor SS 2015 Backstage Beauty Recap

Beauty.com Front Row  in collaboration with Style Haul offered me the opportunity to cover backstage beauty for Honor’s Spring/Summer 2015 show.  I headed to Art Beam in the city and bask in all the backstage goodness. I found out the secret to the models flawless skin when I met Vbeaute’s CEO Julie Macklowe (stay tuned for an in depth look at Vbeaute)

The Inspiration: “Debutante falls in love with  George Harrison bad boy and they go on a “trip” together. She finally realizes he’s a bad person, untangles herself from him and comes out stronger for it”


– Prep hair from roots to end with PHYTO Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray

– Blow dry hair with the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i

– Part hair in the center, allowing some front pieces to hang loose. Those can be given a little shape using the T3 SinglePass Twirl Curling Iron

– Add a touch of PHYTO Professional Matte Texturizing Paste at the roots of the crown for texture.

– Gather hair into low ponytail & secure.

– Use PHYTO Professional Workable Holding Spray through the ends to achieve a natural, lived-in texture.


– Keyvn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

– Kevyn Aucoin The Eye Pencil Primatif in “Defining Navy:

– Keyvn Aucoin The Loose Shimmer Shadow in “Lapis”

– Curl lashes and apply Keyvn Aucoin The Essential Mascara to both top & bottom lashes

– Finish with a nude matte lip using Keyvn Aucoin The Lip Gloss in Tulapina

– Cheeks were left bare

Key Artist Polly Osmond, says “she’s a little bit carefree, a little bit rock and roll, she transforming herself with blue eyeshadow, rather than black. We used lots of clumpy mascara as if she doesn’t care anymore” The blue was chosen as it offsets the color of the clothing” The foundation was also kept very light and we used Vbeaute skin care for a flawless canvas. A little powder on the forehead because there will be no shiny foreheads” 

honor 4

honor 2

honor 1 honor 2 honor 3
honor 5


– Custom mixed shade by Nonie Creme for Beauty.com

– Add 3D pearls in a star pattern to faux nails from Beauty.com

Nonie shares “My hotel room is now covered in pearls, but it was all worth it. I like working with Honor because they like to tell stories, the look started with polka dots that felt too cute. She is a little cooler than that. We did a lot of trial and error and now we’re doing a 3D polka dot that’s a little more modern. Look out for the custom color nail in January (with tight lips) everywhere. Can’t say too much.”

honor 6

honor 1


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Makeup Style


noun: a mode of fashion, as in dress, especially good or approved fashion;elegance; smartness.


As makeup artists, most times we are expected to wear black. The official color of makeup artists, and if you wear it enough, it will be embedded in your soul forever. We’re still at an advantage though, as we have free reign to let our personal style shine through. Of course, different jobs/clientele will tweak our choices here and there but finding ways to make one color look professional and stylish at the same time can be daunting. I sometimes find myself wondering; what thoughts goes through a makeup artists’ mind when getting dressed for a job and sometimes even everyday life.

In lieu of fashion week and my inspiration of a buzzing New York City, Makeup Style was born. I’ve been fraught with the idea for quite sometime now and what better time to launch it?

Makeup Style will give you a behind the scenes look of the style of a makeup artist.  Look out for doses of inspiration, advice and style steals.

The intention is to inspire you to explore the power of black, to make up your own style.

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Chic yet comfortable, is that even possible?

OK, let’s make one thing clear, I live in black.

I. live. in. black. 

This makeup style post found me in a hot place, 85 degrees to be exact. September is shaping up to be a clear extension of summer. How could I remain in all black without doing a rendition of Nelly’s Hot in Herre? Surely none of my clothes would be coming off, so I opted for these shorts and loose shirt from Forever 21.

Clothing & Shoes – Forever 21 (each under $30)

chicyetc1Shades of course! (H&M $6)



chicyetc3 chicyetc4


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Makeup Forever Artist 30-30 Palette Preview & Event Review

“In celebration of its 30th anniversary, MAKE UP FOR EVER partnered with 30 elite makeup artists, including Founder and Creative Director, Dany Sanz to curate a limited edition eye shadow palette. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s unique story is shared through the eyes of the artists that helped shape the brand into a cult favorite for both the professional community and the everyday woman. Through their personal stories, these 30 artists bring to life MAKE UP FOR EVER’s unique heritage as a brand that continues to inspire, educate and elevate.”

You would have been led to believe that Makeup Forever could not outdo themselves, but guess what? you’ve been tricked. It just got better as they’ve created a palette personally developed by the best artists in the industry. Now could it get any better? Hmm I’m thinking a strong “no” (atleast for now)

What is outstanding about this palette, besides its quality and beauty – is its harmony. Although Makeup Forever is known for their wide range of vibrant color, the nude shades still are representative of Makeup Forever’s versatility and also, to me, is symbolic of the unity between these artists. Separately, they do all different types of work in completely different sections of the industry – but together, represent artists united by passion, purpose and a love for their craft- makeup. While one shadow in the palette would be beautiful on its own, its beauty is heightened when place with its counterparts.

After chatting with a Makeup Forever insider at the launch event at the NY boutique, only about 700 of these were made worldwide. If you’re thinking about snagging this one up, don’t think too long. The palette retails for $250 (already discounted for Backstage Card holders – equaling $10.50 per shadow ) which is a steal, especially if you’re in need of shadows. Like me however, I’m taking of advantage of their new palette system and pick up a few of my favorites.

The event brought several of your favorite artists in to celebrate the brand including those who helped create the palette like Viktorija Bowers, Merrell Hollis and James Vincent. I was tempted to watch an old episode of Scandal while having lunch the other day but I took to the Makeup Forever website and watched the interviews of each of these artists giving us a look into the stories of their careers, which was outright motivating and entertaining!

A few of my favorite quotes:

“Your makeup is going to look better, if you use quality makeup. That’s kind of why the professionals use it.” – Kabuki

“It’s really important to have good tools, because that’s what makes it easy to be a makeup artist” Ve Neill

“The makeup counter gives you can amazing platform to practice on different ethnicities and ages” – Viktorija Bowers

Available at: Sephora stores, Makeup Forever boutiques

My gift bag included: Travel size Sens’eyes. Aqua Smoky Lash & Mist & Fix.






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Rihanna for W Magazine Fall Fashion Issue

I had the honor of assisting legend makeup artist, Kabuki for W Magazine’s September Issue with Rihanna. It was an amazing experience and long hours that were well worth it. It was truly amazing to see a creative genius at work. It was also a reminder to always challenge yourself and use products in your kit in different ways.

W magazine did an amazing article showing the face charts Kabuki created and inspiration behind the looks. http://www.wmagazine.com/beauty/2014/08/kabuki-rihanna-makeup-artist/




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The Powder Group’s Summer School with Roque Cozzette

Synergy of Airbrush & Traditional Makeup through the Eyes of Fashion!
I headed to the first week of TPG’s Summer School with Roque Cozzette last Wednesday at Kenig & Alcone. It was an honor to hear Roque speak, as he has been a true testament in the beauty industry. His brand, Cozette is used by many makeup artists in the business, he works alongside the worlds best artists and designers, has contributed to the creation of well known products and educational material.. and well, he always says hello. For those who were unable to attend, I’m happy to share this post with you. Look forward to The Powder Group http://www.thepowdergroup.com/ Summer School every Wednesday for the rest of the summer.

A little about Roque Cozzette:

Roque Cozzette thinks creatively and creates strategically. His talent comes from the orchestrated sensibilities of hands, head, and heart. A seasoned beauty-industry pro experienced in print, fashion, celebrity image, and cosmetic product development; an extraordinary depth and scope to his multi-faceted career. Working withcelebrities like Christina Milian, Isabella Rossellini, Melody Gardot, and Roxanna; Roque has synergized traditional and airbrushing techniques. On the fashion front, he lent his creative vision to the runway for fashion houses like Christian Dior, Valentino, Y3, Louis Vuitton, John Galliano, Yohji Yamamoto, Victoria’s Secret, Prada and Givenchy. An innovator and educator with a vision to embrace the highest creative values that when allowed lifts the vibration of all whom he touches. Roque is the founder of the Cozzette line of brushes and accessories. www.roquecozzette.com 

What he said:

– Has been in the business 30 years and is proud of everyone who decided to take this career journey because its not easy.

– Set an intention- from this night – a present tense statement. What you intend on, you get!

–  Every time you see a mirror, say I love you to yourself.

– We don’t take enough time to validate ourselves.

– He moved to New York at 30. Never give up! 

– Embrace your heart, who you really are, and set yourself to the next level of where you want to be.

–  How are you going to get where you want to be. It doesn’t matter where you are and where you come from. Your life will never be the same if you just believe!

– Half of the business is presentation of self and the way you speak, and then how you execute your makeup.

– Co creator of Kett ( departed 4 years ago) airbrush is not the end all be all, neither is traditional makeup.

–  He studied cosmetic chemistry because of the evolution of HD, he needed to understand. He doesn’t really use lots of powder.

– He always does face charts. It’s great practice and to have a  system, so in the way that you work. It helps you remember what you put on – especially in fashion ,everything revolves around the makeup test.

– He has helped written sections of Milady’s Cosmetology Book.


“Product, Practice and Precision” – Roque Cozzette


roque 1

roque 22

roque 3

roque 44

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Best Foundations for a Makeup Artist Kit (Part 2)

Right off the plane and we’re ready for another Makeup Monday! Just back from Trinidad, I’m excited to share with you the thoughts of Renee Milford, a Trinidad based makeup artist and Airbrush Makeup Educator.

What is your favourite foundation for your kit, & why?

I love using Temptu airbrush foundations, I’ve been airbrushing makeup since 2006 and since then fell in love with Temptu. The silicone based foundations mimic the look of skin and are water resistant, this makes it perfect for bridal clients and the humid climate here in Trinidad.

It is very versatile as it offers a sheer texture with buildable coverage so I can easily achieve perfect looking skin by layering the foundation. I’m fondly called a makeup mixologist, so when I need to customize quickly, I usually grab a couple shades of the foundations and a colour adjuster to create the perfect match.

I’ve been using these foundations for years and will continue to use them because they always deliver the results that I’m looking for.


ren work 1

renee milford


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Photo Credit: http://www.reneemilford.com/


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Best Foundations for a Makeup Artist Kit (Part 1)

real opinions foundarion

We’re back!!!

Ahh, another week of Real Opinions by Real Artists. This series excites me greatly, not only because I get to share loads of valuable information that you may not  find elsewhere but because as I interview and research, I’ve been learning so much more.. and learning? I like that because the more I know = the more you know.

So let’s talk about foundations, as a professional makeup artist you are always searching for the right foundation for your kit, your go-to, your holy grail. Foundations can be very personal to an artist, a product that Eric loves, Amanda may not necessarily like it. I understand though, you still need to ask questions from the people who’s work you respect and who does killer foundation. Some you have never heard of before, up until I change that of course.

It’s important to do your research to help you narrow down what might be right for you. To help you with this, today we’re chatting with Michael Chua, a talented makeup artist I met backstage during a fashion show with James Vincent.

Michael has been doing faces for years and judging from the one photo below, we’d take his advice!! (Find more of his artistry on his site linked below)

Here’s Michaels’ take on the best foundation:

What is your favourite foundation for your kit, & why

Liquids – I love Face Atelier for dry to normal skin. It melts into the sin seamlessly, gives wonderful up to medium coverage and a gorgeous dewy finish. Because of its silicone base, it has a built in primer and saves me an extra step. I also love the line for it’s color range which is suitable for global skin tones and also includes the wonderful 0-, 0+, 0++ and heat, which truly allows this line to be versatile and address any skin tone needs a pro artist could encounter. Honorable mentions would go to MUFE Face and Body. It has a wonderful range of shades, has a beautiful, healthy looking finish and is water and mostly transfer resistant.

Creams – I love RCMA for its above average pigment density (50%) and its slightly matter finish as compared to other creams on the market. The high pigment density allows me to use very little product to get the job done and for a sheerer application, i like to cut it with Embroylisse (moisturizer). I tend to use this product a lot in men’s grooming. I also love the Mehron Celebre HD cream foundations. Beautiful demi matte finish, gorgeous shade range and melts into the skin like warm butter on a pancake.


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Photo Credit: http://michaelchuamakeup.com/


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Creating your own MAC PRO Lipstick Palette

We’ve done it all right? Japonesque, pill boxes, the works. Custom palettes are nothing new but since MAC decided to dramatically decrease the price of their palette and release new inserts, I was inspired to give the kit a little face lift (especially since I get new lipsticks so regularly – you forget what you have!) and hopefully encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t.

Whether you’re a makeup pro or aficionado, it will serve you well to de-clutter and  give yourself a renewed connection to your collection.

You will need:

1. Spoon – Place the lipstick in the spoon for melting and pouring.

2. Makeup Remover – Clean up sides of palette (your lipstick shades may run over to the next side if you’ve used too much)

3. Candle – Use as primary heat sources (don’t forget your matches or lighter)

4. Hand Sanitizer – Keep hands clean throughout.

5. Q tips – Multi-functional. I use these with the makeup remover for precision.

6. Tissue – You’re gonna need this to wipe the spoon and possibly your hands throughout the process.

7. Metal or Plastic Spatula – Used to cut the lipsticks.

8. Alcohol – Necessary to sanitize tools & lipsticks.

9. Labels – Keep track the names of your shades

10. Lipsticks (I had to say it though)

11. Pen

12. MAC Pro Palette Insert & Palette www.maccosmetics.com

lip tut list

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