Paris Beauty Haul

Oh, how I miss Paris! The skin care, the hot chocolate, the food. My time in Paris was such a delight, exploring the pharmacies took quite some work and required lots of research! I got lots of help from my friends in beauty, Lianne Farbes and Diva Does Makeup.

I went in with the intention of buying little, since I had new/unused products in my storage even some of the brands I purchased while there.

You can find out more about these fabulous products in my video review

paris beauty haul products










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Top 10 Things Makeup Artists want for Christmas

I came home from a long day of work, with a plan just to have some Baileys, use my Biore Pore strip, get some work done online and call it a night. In the time to took me to get to the shower, I had a The Notebook moment and I heard Ryan Gosling asking me WHAT DO YOU WANT!?. Now, with Christmas just two weeks away, it’s easy to be feel both overwhelmed and overexcited. Makeup Artists, for those who may not know, receive professional discounts from tons of brands, we may also receive product for our kits when our work is published in print or online, and also for review. That means..we don’t want makeup. (Unless its from Charlotte Tilbury or Tom Ford lol 🙂 ) So when my friends and family asked me what do I want for Christmas, I had to really think about it. If you’re bad at giving hints, reposting this on your Facebook or Instagram may give your loved ones the answer they’ve been looking for.

1. Label Maker – Yup! A label maker. We have so many products, we tend to depot them into smaller containers or jars. Nothing looks more professional than a clean, neat kit. A label maker would help the artist to identify products quicker, making their job easier which in turn allow us to love you more efficiently. For those with roommates, it would be amazing to label food you don’t want anyone else to eat. A win-win situation.


2. Spa Day – Ouu, the word spa just makes us tingle inside. We spend long hours on our feet, carrying bags and running around on set. Nothing would be better than a massage, and maybe a little mani pedi. Yes Yes Yes. Of course, whatever package you choose would be determined on your budget. Regardless, it’s a great idea.


3. Money – Did you really put money on the list? Yes, this could be an awkward situation according to the relationship but trust me, a makeup artist will gladly accept this as a gift. Truth is, sometimes business can be slow, you never know, you may be helping out with a bill or something you have no idea about. If you don’t feel weird about it, get a cute card, write a sweet note and pop another note $ in there.


4. Gift Certificates – Really lost? Get a gift card. It will definitely not go to waste. Some ideas would be :

Shoe Stores – We always need comfortable shoes.

Ikea/Target/Container Store – These places are heaven and lots of money can go down in there. Consider it.

Vistaprint/Adorama – Or any other printing service. This can be a great help for printing marketing materials, something a makeup artist will always need.

B&H Photo – Anything with regards to editing, blogging will be great. Think ring lights, tripods etc

Luggage – Sleek carrying cases for travel and/or makeup.


5. Clothes – Thank You! I needed  a new sweater anyway. Clothes will always be worn, and sometimes our budget will not include a large sum for clothes all the time. By doing a little investigation on social media, I’m sure you can pick up a couple sweaters, or shirts. If the person is picky, try not to over think it, just choose simple styles.

gift clothes

6. A Camera – As an owner of a DSLR, this would be awesome if the person you are purchasing for is into photography. If not, there are some high performance compact cameras that are very affordable. Nikon Cool Pix and Canon Cybershot are my top picks.


7. Art Classes – A great way to tap into our  creativity, using a different medium. I’ve been to both the @ThePaintPlaceNY and The Painting Lounge ( #ThePaintingLounge) The Painting Lounge has a BYOB option in their Manhattan location. I had a great time at both places. Good times.


8. Photography Class – The points you will receive for this one. Thank me later lol. There are tons of options in the city, look around in your area for classes or even one on one sessions. I’ve taken 2 courses at PhotoUno Photography School, they offer Basic to Advanced Classes and also have one on one options. Understanding photography is a great strength for a makeup artist. #LivingandLearning


9. Books – Books are always great regardless of the genre. For makeup specific options, coffee table books are a great inspiration. Check out Francesca Tosot’s book One Woman 100 Faces and Andrew Gallimore’s new book being released early January (don’t worry late gifts are always good too)


10. Electronics – While this is a broad category, knowing the person closely would help you out. Do they own an ipad? How about a iPad mini? Owner of a MacBook Pro? maybe a cool new program that could help them be more efficient or even editing programs. Barnes and Noble recently released their new Samsung powered Nook, I got one for Christmas last year and I’ve loved it ever since. Netflix + my books + magazine subscriptions = perfection. Yeah, those magazines take up so much space after awhile. Also, a portable charger! If iphone 5, a Mophie case would be great, mine has saved me 100 times over.

 gift 11

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Behind the Scenes: If Models were Superheros

Could you imagine if models were superheros? Well if they did, I had my very own “Storm” in my chair this week. Sarah from Fusion Models carries her look so well and who doesn’t love when a model makes your job easy. I took some behind the scene shots with photographer Chrisean Dames and at the end of the shoot,  I came to the following conclusions:

1. Fascinating Eye Khol is probably the best white eye liner you could buy. I say this because I’ve use tons of brands and funny I say this because I didn’t even have my Fascinating with me (faint), I used Makeup Forever’s white pencil and it just didn’t last as well on the water line, it faded lots. I would probably try the Aqua line (waterproof) of pencils, I am sure that would be a way better quality. I ended up layering NYX Jumbo eye pencil over it and it saved the day.

2. Skin is skin..and skin will always do what it wants. (Hello uninvited pimple) So Sarah has beautiful skin and sometimes with acne medication and the wintery weather we’ve been experiencing in NYC, dry skin happens and it happened with me. I used a combination of Face Atelier sheered down with MAC Face & Body foundation with a beauty blender and #159 brush and had to remove the foundation between looks because of flaky skin. I say this because foundation isn’t typically removed when there are makeup changes unless its necessary. Her skin was thoroughly moisturized, Fix +’ed yet it still happened. Nothing to complain about but another lesson in effectiveness and speed.

3. Don’t let brands blur your vision. During this shoot, I had a combination of brands: Face Atelier, MAC, Makeup Forever, Viseart, NYX, Wet N Wild. I usually don’t reach for my Wet n Wild Palettes but the quality of the white eyeshadow is very creamy. UGH. So good! Each brand has something unique to offer, be open to that and try new thangs. OK?

Stay tuned for the pictures.

sarah 2

sarah 1

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Photoshoot with Aurielle Sayeh

I had a blast shooting with model,  DJ & fashion blogger, Aurielle Sayeh and photographer Emmie America. We got dressed at this cozy midtown apartment and took the shoot to the streets of NYC. I was still in my element as it wasn’t too cold yet. You guys know the struggle of this island girl. It’s real.

Aurielle was fitted in London based brand Boohoo  and a couple cool pieces from Nike, who this beauty also works for.

I wanted to add some fun to the sporty vibe, so I opted for a sleek winged liner and MAC’s Chromagraphic Pencil which never fails me. I built the winged liner with a couple products like MAC Blacktrack gel liner  & Ardency Inn liquid liner pen. I chose to highlight AlMay because I just love the way that it dries. Could I tell you? I never  thought I would love this liner so much and it’s so affordable . Don’t sleep on this one beauties.

Makeup: Jaleesa Jaikaran    Photo: Emmie America   Hair: Jennifer Jocelyn

aurielle beauty

aurielle IG

Key products Aurielle

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The Brink of Fall

Living in NYC right now  is like being in an dysfunctional relationship. You  just don’t how she’s going to act. Sometimes hot, sometimes cool and sometimes just plain cold. I put together this outfit at the brink of Fall, on a day where a jacket was optional. Of course something like this can work where it’s warmer and layering will look exceptional with this slightly chic bohemian vibe.

Hat: H&M

Dress: Forever 21

Belt: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden

style of a makeup artist Fall Season 1

style of a makeup artist Fall Season 2

style of a makeup artist Fall Season 3

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My Skinspiration – NARS at Phillip Lim NYFW

Although NYFW has been long gone, I remain inspired by the images I see floating around online. Thankfully, BeautyPress caught this one because the skin at Phillip Lim NYFW SS2015 blew me away! I caught myself evaluating my own skin care routine and the level of love I really show my skin.

During this year I’ve used DermOrganic, The Aloe Source and a couple other skin care brands which I loved, but none so far has developed into a full fledged skin care routine. Now don’t get me wrong, I take care of my skin, but as a beauty writer that’s constantly trying new things, I find myself yearning to have my “I’ll love you forever” product, while still leaving love for new products of course.

For the show, lead artist Francelle Daly for NARS Cosmetics describes the look as:

“There is a lot of see-through transparency and airiness to the collection – I wanted that to come through in the makeup. My inspiration is sensuality; the way the morning light hits you as you wake up in your bedroom, with sensual skin beaming with rays of light. I highlighted the cheek bones, high planes of the face and the bridge of the nose to accentuate and bring out that glow in each girl.”



The Products used to create the look are:


  • Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer
  • Stick Concealer
  • Light Reflecting Setting Powder – Loose
  • Reckless Blush (New for Spring 2015; for now try New Order Blush)
  • Right side of Jubilation Dual-Intensity blush (New for Spring 2015; for now try South Beach Multiple)
  • Right side of Jubilation Dual-Intensity blush (New for Spring 2015; for now try South Beach Multiple)
  • Valhalla Single Eyeshadow (New for Spring 2015; for now try Nepal Single Eyeshadow)
  • Larger Than Life® Lengthening Mascara
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Brow Gel
  • Guyane Lip Gloss (New for Spring 2015; for now try Born This Way Lip Gloss)

And yes, we know, it’s makeup. Always remember that good makeup starts with good skin. I started using Dior’s Capture Totale Serum for Face & Eyes and pleased so far. It’s too early in the game to determine whether this can take the spot of my go to skin care, however, in the mean time, I am currently auditioning for the part of “Jaleesa’s Favorite Daily Sunscreen” So far we have 3 contenders and I will be sure to let you know who wins.




skincare routine

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Iggy Azalea Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Iggy Azalea stunned the red carpet at the MTV VMA Awards 2014. This look was inspired by her red carpet beauty look!

All That Glitters Eyeshadow – MAC
Wedge Eyeshadow – MAC
PR78 Makeup Atelier Paris
Mehron Detailz Liquid Liner
MAC Studio Sculpt Mascara

Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Pencil 14c
MAC Brave lipstick & Japenese Spring Cremesheen Glass


Light Skin Tones: MAC Cosmetics: Angel, Creme Cup, Revlon Matte – Pink Pout, Revlon Color Burst – Baby Pink

Medium to Dark Skin tones: MAC Cosmetics: Twig, Fast Play, Maybelline Color Sensational – Let Me Pink, Fifth Ave Fuchsia


MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC50
Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer 8
MAC NC45 Select Sheer Loose & Mineralized Skin Finish Natural Dark

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