Editorial Manicuring Seminar with Angel Williams

Editorial Manicuring Seminar: From Behind The Table to Behind The Scenes

The life of a makeup artist encompasses so many things – and manicuring is definitely one of them. If not personally, definitely professionally. The nails are so important to a finished image and what luck do we have to be able to learn from pro Angel Williams

She will be hosting a seminar showing how to get behind the table from behind the scenes. Learning from Angel is surely heaven sent! (you like that huh lol 😀 ) Check out all the information below and sign up too!



Sunday, May 17, 2015

11am – 2pm

M Wild’s Studio, 247 w 29th st, 11th fl, New York, NY 11013


Are you are a successful manicurist behind the table and desire to learn a specific

range of skills that a editorial set demands? Your workflow and application choices may

need adjustments as you transition to the editorial environment.

Angel Williams has been a Manicurist for 15 years and her work can be seen anywhere

from the covers of Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour to the New York Fashion

Weekrunways of Zimmermann . Now she is here to help you with the needtoknows


working behind the scenes in the fashion and beauty industry.

You will learn:


ethics, etiquette and terminology speak

the language and communicate

fully with other creatives and decision makers


to develop your editorial eye learn

what visual skills and techniques that are

best for editorial sets


building essentials assemble

a collection of products and tools that ooze

efficiency, while considering the demands of the client

These topics and more can help any manicurist leap to the next level of success when

working behind the scenes with publications, designers and celebrities.


This will not be a technical seminar, it will be an interactive session where Angel will

demonstrate the skill set that is needed during the process of transitioning from behind

the nail table to behind the scenes on editorial photo shoots.

Contact Info:

Angel Williams


Blog/ AngelNailsIt

angel nails it

Many Thanks Flyer

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Stilazzi Matte & Pearl Eyeshadows – Frends Beauty Supply

I’ve always been a fan of Stilazzi. They blessed me with my first set bag, meticulously compartmentalized to make my life easier.

At the PYP Summit, I had a chat with my friends over at Frends Beauty who introduced me to the extension of the Stilazzi line of products and were generous enough to sponsor each attendee with a couple of their products to test.

I found these shadows to be vibrant in its color payoff and rich in quality. I’m guessing you would equate all of those wonderful adjectives with tons of money but nope –  these eye shadows are only $3.50 each, a steal of a deal if you ask me.

The shadows lift easily, which I appreciate because in the past – you know that line “you have to scratch it a little” – well guess what? I’d rather to pop my brush on there and get exactly what I want. They have synthetic brushes but also will be carrying a deluxe line of brushes to accompany the existing line.

I’ll be using these shadows for upcoming tutorials on my Youtube channel, so stay tuned to really see what Stilazzi is working with. I can’t wait to try their other products – which of course I will be updating you guys with.

I would encourage you to check these out if you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade your personal makeup stash or your professional kit. Remember you can sign up for a discount with Frends for their Frends with Benefits program (never thought I’d be into FWB lol 😉 )

stilazzi 2 stilazzi 3 stilazzi 4 stilazzi 5

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The Perfect 10: The Makeup Show 10th Anniversary Products

Top 3 things I think about when I hear the Makeup Show? Let’s see.. Education. Networking and ….

survery says

Yup.. you said it right.. S H O P P I N G. Usually a frenzy to stock personal and makeup kits, each and every brand offers spectacular deals and discounts.

How can the Makeup Show make the 10th anniversary more special? Besides the extra education, dinner and gala – Ten brands will create exclusive products, each with an individual nod to one of The Makeup Show’s defining concepts.  Following up ten years’ worth of inspiration, education and opportunity, The Makeup Show is thrilled to work with every one of these enterprises to create something that is so beautifully unique to this celebratory occasion.

It’s exciting to see brands I know and love celebrate in such a memorable way with The Makeup Show. You will find everything from glosses to brow tints and blushes. Now you guys know me, my hauls are usually the smallest ever but some of these I definitely won’t be able to pass up. Some of the brands you will find are:

1. Mehron (I LOVE these folks and the products are to die.. please try their blush palette. That’s an order)

Cream and Powder Blush Set

The Makeup Show and Mehron celebrate ten years of education and inspiration with their collaboration on a blush palette that fits the needs of any artist. This palette of Mehron’s Celebre Professional Pressed Powder Blush and Cheek Creme contains 8 shades that are certain to add color, contour and warmth to any skin tone. This palette perfectly combines James Vincent’s love of applying both creme and powder blush to sculpt and shape the face without hard lines or aggressive contours. Add light and life to any complexion with this limited edition palette perfect for the professional kit.

2. Inglot

Matte Lipsticks in 5 new shades

INGLOT partnered with The Makeup Show NYC to launch 5 summer shades of Matte Lipstick.  These are the perfect opaque super matte lipsticks for any occasion.  Vitamin E, macadamia oil, and avocado oil moisturize and nourish the lips while long lasting formula provides the ideal matte, smooth, even finish.

3. Temptu

Limited Shade Bronzer

To commemorate The Makeup Show’s 10th Anniversary, TEMPTU is introducing a limited shade of S/B Bronzer in Terra Gold. Taking influence from celebrity looks at red-carpet events to hi-def productions, Terra Gold Bronzer was inspired by TEMPTU’s professional heritage in custom mixing shades backstage to get that perfect camera-ready glow for legs, shoulders, décolleté, arms, and abs.  Get the sublime look of gilded skin, instantly.

4. Pinnacle

Vinyl Lipgloss

Vinyl  Lipgloss…..The A-list look of the moment.  A high wattage lip lacquer.  Total full coverage and insane shine.

5. Crown Brush

The FORM AND FUSE 10 Year Anniversary five brush set allows for shading, contouring and blending away those hard edges. The combination of firm, dense brushes to add shape and soft, full brushes are a perfect pairing. The coveted Studio Pro Contour Brush partners beautifully with the Duo Fibre Blush Brush for buffing, blending and finishing hard lines. The three shadow brushes (Small Sable Shadow for perfect placement and blending, Precision Detail for lining, shaping and defining and Deluxe Pointed Crease for soft shadow application and seamless blending) allow you to add depth and dimension without sacrificing structure for a smooth finish.

6. Auroline

Brow Tints in 5 Shades

Keep your brows in tip-top shape with this multitasking brow gel.  Set, tame, condition and tint brows with a flexible all-day hold that can’t be beat.  Your brows are sure to outlast any late night fun.

7. Makeup Forever

Artist Eye Shadow Palette

Artists from The Makeup Show partnered with MAKE UP FOR EVER to curate a palette of their Artist Shadows in honor of the shows 10th anniversary. The palette is limited edition and only available at The Makeup Show NYC.

8. I Make You Beautiful 

Magic Touch Sponge

The Magic Touch Sponge is an amazing reusable tool that utilizes the magic of air compression to evenly apply complexion products extremely close to the skin promoting even, maximum, flawless coverage with the most natural finish. The close application of product to skin covers visible pores evenly, and prevents settling into fine lines and wrinkles.


9. Glamcor Tec

The Makeup Show Custom Branded Light Kit

Glamcor is the perfect partnership for The Makeup Show as industry giants such as Loreal, Lancome, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Hourglass, INGLOT, Temptu, MAKE UP FOR EVER, Paul Mitchell, Illamasqua, Smashbox, Eve Pearl, Hourglass, and Graftobian use it. The 50,000 hour lamps are LED technology and are color balanced not to distort the color of the skin/hair or color being applied to it.  The world’s top professionals won’t leave home without it.


10. London Brush Company 

Limited Edition 5-Piece Set

London Brush Company is creating a Limited Edition 5 Piece set which consist of four of James Vincent’s favorite LBC Detail Brushes,  and one which the brands founder Sian Richards, has created specially to complete the 10 year anniversary set. All the brushes are hand made from premium grade materials in the USA.

Find more info on The Makeup Show’s website 

the makeup show anniversary products 1 the makeup show anniversary products 2 the makeup show anniversary products 3 the makeup show anniversary products 4


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Beauty: The Art of Makeup Event Recap

So let me paint the picture, no pun intended of course. I have never seen so many people packed into the Alcone Pro Shop on 49th Street. Needless to say, the event was a success.

The gathering was all in the name of Moises Ramirez, who’s work you’ve seen in my previous blog post. The way Moises marries his love for art and makeup is breathtaking. He is a true painter that transfers his art onto faces.

I first met Moises when he was at MAC Pro cosmetics on one of my visits to the Pro store on a brief trip to NYC from Trinidad. I’ve always admired his face charts (aka fainting) and over time seen him grow into an even better artist. (yeah how is that even possible right?)

The event brought the best of the best out to see his latest work accompanied with great networking and conversations over drinks – what else could you ask for?

Alcone is rolling out a series of events so stay tuned and follow the latest updates on Instagram & the Alcone website. 

His pieces are available for sale and if you are looking for more information – you can find it here


 moises ramirez 6moises ramirez 2 moises ramirez 3
moises ramirez 5

moises ramirez 1

moises ramirez 4

moises ramirez makeup artist art painter jaleesa jaikaran

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I’m a mascara junkie. If I could just wear black eyeliner with several coats of mascara everyday – I would. I’ve tried countless brands, brush shapes and sizes. I tested it for about 4 days before writing this review. I experienced no smudging even after my 50th coat. I loved that it was easy to remove because after a long day, I really don’t like spending an extra 5 minutes removing mascasa. I would usually wash my face, use a wipe and finish off with Bioderma makeup remover for the excess.

What YSL says: The most emblematic “false lash effect” volume mascara, now with an all new Lash Care formula. Its secret is the Triple-Intensity Formula: intense volume, intense color and now intense care. The nylon fiber brush coats each lash in deep color and maximum volume from root to tip, while B5 Pro-Vitamin strengthens and protects lashes. 

YSL Mascara Faux Cils 1YSL Mascara Faux Cils 2 YSL Mascara Faux Cils 3

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

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The Makeup Show – 7 Days of Beauty

Ahh May – Makeup Show Month. The time where I hoped you saved some cash to restock your kit and invest in a couple makeup classes. One of my favorite times of the year is during The Makeup Show – why? – Let’s face it – as a makeup artist you’re hardly around your peers, unless you happen to work on counter and see them almost everyday – but other than that, its difficult to have coffee with everyone in your free time. The Makeup Show brings artists from everywhere under one roof to learn, to share and to be inspired.

I could not be happier when I saw what  The Makeup Show has in store. 7 Days of Education – such a bonus! I will definitely be in attendance for the Makeup Show Gala hosted on the Friday before The Makeup show.

If you are looking for education on a plethora of different topics – I highly suggest you go to The Makeup Show’s website and purchase tickets ASAP!

See you there!


the makeup show 1

the makeup show 4

galaLauren Napier & I at The Makeup Show Gala last year

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Playtime with the Moises Ramirez

It always happens to me, I’m always at the right place at the right time. After shopping at Michael’s around 23rd Street in NYC, I headed to the MAC Pro store on 22nd, I had a bunch of things to collect so I headed to the back to gather myself and my belongings and who would I see? Moises Ramirez. Moises, a former MAC Artist, is a creative soul and talented painter. He takes his love for art and transfers it on both paper and faces.

The Photographer, Pino Gomes and I shot together for the Makeup Forever Ad I did over a year ago. Since then, we’ve been connected and truly not only talented but a genuine and humble person.

Fast forward, 2 minutes – Pino asked if I wanted to get in front the camera. Now, it might seem this is always easy for me but I’m usually my most comfortable in my own space recording for my online tutorials.

We did some macro shots where Moises used some Makeup Forever Flash Palette and Wolfe Cream Makeup to create this kaleidoscopic eye, that I myself was in awe by.

IMG_7637 IMG_7643 IMG_7644

IMG_7687 IMG_7642

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Green Your Beauty – Jolene Hart’s Tips on Becoming a “Beauty Foodie”

Remember the old saying “you are what you eat?” In the endless pursuit of beauty and wellness, trends are gearing towards returning to naturals and all that is wholesome. It turns out that the key to attaining the highly desired youthful appearance and healthy, radiant skin begins from within. Simply stated, what you put into your body has just as much, if not more direct impact on your looks than topical products.At a recent Green Your Beauty event in New York City, Jolene Hart, a former beauty editor turned Beauty & Health Coach and founder of Beauty Is Wellness educated fellow beauty enthusiasts on how simple diet and lifestyle changes can address and prevent common beauty concerns like acne and signs of aging.

In addition to being the largest organ in your body, your skin is last to receive nutrients and is the first to lose them. Therefore, one should approach food selection process just in the way as choosing a beauty product– paying close attention to desired ingredients, actives and quality over quantity. Here are some of Jolene’s tips on how be a “beauty foodie:”

  1. “Beige is bad,” is the famous quote of Dr. Jeannette Graf, a leading skin science expert and board-certified dermatologist. Very much like beige can be a no-no in fashion, “beige” foods, such as processed breads and grains have unwelcome health effects as they are virtually stripped of their nutrients and are handled with difficulty by our digestive system. Instead, turn to colorful fruits and vegetables.
  2. Don’t forget your greens. Often discarded and overlooked, greens (kale, spinach, beet greens, swiss chard) are great for balancing the pH of your body, not to mention their high mineral content. A great way to incorporate your daily dose of greens is to go for an all natural green juice or smoothie.
  3. Bring on the berries. Not only are they sweet and delicious, especially during this time of year, but berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries) are full of antioxidants, and vitamin C, which supports collagen.
  4. Lean, (not so mean) protein. Protein-rich fish, chicken, walnuts and almonds are loaded with collagen-boosting nutrients and keratin, which supports strong, healthy hair and nails.
  5. Make time for (green) tea. Long honored for its health benefits in the eastern cultures, green tea is also a powerful wrinkle blocker.
  6. Detox. Instead of loading up on coffee, try a glass of warm water with lemon to start your day. It will kick-start your digestive enzymes, detox your system and brighten your skin from within.
  7. Beat the stress. Stress causes premature aging and unwanted weight retention. If you want to relax, opt for some foods that release stress-busting nutrients into your body: dark chocolate (between 60%-70% cacao), oatmeal and chamomile tea.
  8. Shield your skin from within. Red and orange colored beta-carotene-rich foods are packed with vitamin A, which helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. If you are planning to spend some serious time in the sun, try to load up on tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, etc. at least two weeks before hitting the beach. Don’t forget your sunblock, either!
Source: Jolene Hart, Beauty Is Wellness 
Credit: beautypress.com
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The Perfect Lip – NARS at Phillip Lim NYFW AW/15

You could always count on seeing a post from NARS at Fashion Week on my blog. Especially one of my favorite shows, Phillip Lim. NARS does skin so well. Beautiful, breathable skin. This time paired with a stunning red brick lip. As usual, my friends at Beauty Press got the inside scoop on NARS shows, perfect for me while running around during the craziness of NYFW.

This makeup was so well done but that’s not a surprise because Francelle Daly was the key, and if I were to reveal one of my makeup crushes – she would be one of them. NARS is also revealing new products this Fall which I am too excited to try!

Show: 3.1 Phillip Lim AW ‘15

Lead artist: Francelle Daly for NARS Cosmetics

Look: “Utilitarian punk is the direction this season. Natural radiant skin mixed with a punk-inspired oxblood red shade on the lips for a bold statement.

NARSskin Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer

Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer
Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder
Stick Concealer

Brow Perfector

Tribulation Blush (new for Fall 2015, for now try Nico Blush)

VIP Red Lipstick (New for Fall 2015, for now try Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil)


fwnyaw09.01com-nars-for-phillim-lim-beauty-look-1 fwnyaw09.03com-nars-for-phillim

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