New Year Kit Evaluation – 5 Tips For a Smarter Kit

I had a draft post entitled “Another Eyeshadow Palette!?” and was inspired to write this post as I was talking to my best friend earlier, I told her how in my December goals, I made it my business to evaluate my kit, decide what I’m not using, what I don’t need and what I do.

You see, for the new year we always make resolutions. I’m going to do this, or hmm I’m going to do that. Aside from personal goals, we also need kit goals as it will be a reflection of how we work and how effective it will be. Though I am a professional makeup artist – I  just love makeup and always have the urge to fall in I must have it mode with the newest product! but.. I hardly find myself purchasing new products that I just don’t need. Now, don’t get me wrong – trying new products is good.

Keeping abreast of what industry trends and innovations is a must in my book. But, how do you start January saying you need to buy an airbrush machine, but yet in February, March & August you buy tons of lipstick and eye shadow that your kit does not necessarily need because you have the dupes already but you just didn’t know because you don’t reevaluate your stuff. What would make sense is creating an actual plan or budget to reach your kit goals. Whether it be utilizing the things you already own in new of different ways, dumping old makeup that you know you should not have anymore, or creating a lighter  kit.

Here are some tips for creating a smarter KIT in 2014:

1. Check Expiration Dates Surely there are things you haven’t used in a while. Check for old makeup, broken products that you don’t use and things you’ve just been holding onto for a long time. I know it might be hard, but trust me, you will be happier if you start your year fresh by cleaning out your kit and using products like Beauty So Clean to sanitize everything you own from powders to shadows.

kit evaluation 1kit evaluation 2










2. Condense Taking public transport in New York is no joke. You never know when you just might have 100 steps to climb. With that said, no matter where you live, you want to condense your kit to make travelling more convenient but more importantly, creating an effective kit. Find a place for everything. We will be chatting about this more in a later post. photo (13)

3. Create a goal list and work towards it Let’s say you wanted to buy an airbrush machine by May 2014 before your Bridal season heats up. Just for example sake, its costing you $500 for the machine & products combined. You’d need additional product  and an airbrush class at Temptu cost $150, so you add that to your total.

Assuming you want to purchase in atleast 3 months so you can practice, You would:

Need: $660 Time: 3 months Per Month: $660/3 = $220 per month

How: Skip the extra fancy dinners, refrain from buying unnecessary products and clothes.

Attainment: $660 will cover machine, tax, product and education.

You can always set your time periods but breaking down goals like this, make them SMART & easily attainable. kit eval 3

4. Better Brush Decisions Some folks hate to spend $ on good brushes but good brushes make your job easier. I always say, if you had a brand new house and you bought the best paint you could find to paint it, would you use crappy paint brushes to paint it? Probably not. There are countless brands now that carry affordable brushes that work as good as the other brand, but know when its time to invest in high quality brushes to begin to diversify and strengthen your kit. More importantly, maintaining the brushes that you do own with proper care.. Yup we all hate that #brushduty but somebodys got to do it!

“Still want to run out of the house without combing your hair, go to bed without cleaning the brushes in your makeup kit, or think you can graze over the notes for tomorrow’s big meeting on the subway into work, and still shine like a star?” – Crystal Wright 30 Days to 100 Percent  brushes

5. Do Your Research Always do your research. Look at the fine print, check out the ingredients, where you can buy it, are there any discounts (The Makeup Show). Find videos, reviews from fellow artists and consumers to help you make your decision. A blog that I love is In My Kit by Kevin James Bennett, he gives the low down on almost every product I either own or want to try. While this post is geared towards artists, this goes for everyone who buys makeup. What are your kit goals this year? I’d love to know! Respond below or follow me on Instagram @jaleesajaikaran