A new perspective on beauty


I haven’t actually written a post on my blog in so long. I transitioned into video but since I am such a writer (moreso pen and paper) I wanted to record some of my current thoughts.

Since there’s been an influx of people that have been asking/complimenting me on my skin, I found a bit of inspiration to share what I do which has then turned into “Skincare Sunday” a monthly recap of my skincare regimen on my Instastories.

Over this past year, I’ve been battling in between changing my diet. Those who really know me, know how much I love/d bacon and would tag me in the funniest videos. I found though, not all the time, but a lot, I felt bleh/sick/yuck after eating and I felt a little disappointed with myself and had thoughts saying “You know what, I really didn’t HAVE to eat that”, You ever get that feeling? I could just see the bitmoji me having their own conversation on my shoulders.

Not to say any which way is good or bad, but I would fast regularly for spirituality reasons and I would notice the difference in how I feel. Now, I’m a heavyweight, a whole 106lbs so I would tell myself, J, if you stop eating meat, You’ll disappear – don’t do it! So funny.  So it’s been a couple months now that I’ve been pescatarian and I must say my skin feels smoother and breakouts are minimal to non-existent.

My diet inspired another change, my REAL hair. I’ve never loved or hated my hair, I just didn’t feel a connection to it. For years, even after transitioning from relaxed to natural, I wore protective styles and never really gave my real hair a chance to grow. It would be out for about maybe 2-3 weeks max, blown out super straight, ponytail, bun then back in the next style. Since I didn’t know how to comb my hair, I never felt beautiful with my hair out and my lovely friend, LB Charles, came over one day and showed me how to do it. Now this is not to say I’d never do another protective style but its been also a full 3 months without any other hair but mine on my head and that feels amazing.

I’ll be uploading more videos on my Youtube and recapping all the face and body products I use and mention on Skincare Sundays here.

I’m appreciative of all the love and support.

Jaleesa Jaikaran Beauty Makeup Artist Women of Color