The Makeup Show – 7 Days of Beauty

Ahh May – Makeup Show Month. The time where I hoped you saved some cash to restock your kit and invest in a couple makeup classes. One of my favorite times of the year is during The Makeup Show – why? – Let’s face it – as a makeup artist you’re hardly around your peers, unless you happen to work on counter and see them almost everyday – but other than that, its difficult to have coffee with everyone in your free time. The Makeup Show brings artists from everywhere under one roof to learn, to share and to be inspired.

I could not be happier when I saw what  The Makeup Show has in store. 7 Days of Education – such a bonus! I will definitely be in attendance for the Makeup Show Gala hosted on the Friday before The Makeup show.

If you are looking for education on a plethora of different topics – I highly suggest you go to The Makeup Show’s website and purchase tickets ASAP!

See you there!


the makeup show 1

the makeup show 4

galaLauren Napier & I at The Makeup Show Gala last year