Makeup Forever Artist 30-30 Palette Preview & Event Review

“In celebration of its 30th anniversary, MAKE UP FOR EVER partnered with 30 elite makeup artists, including Founder and Creative Director, Dany Sanz to curate a limited edition eye shadow palette. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s unique story is shared through the eyes of the artists that helped shape the brand into a cult favorite for both the professional community and the everyday woman. Through their personal stories, these 30 artists bring to life MAKE UP FOR EVER’s unique heritage as a brand that continues to inspire, educate and elevate.”

You would have been led to believe that Makeup Forever could not outdo themselves, but guess what? you’ve been tricked. It just got better as they’ve created a palette personally developed by the best artists in the industry. Now could it get any better? Hmm I’m thinking a strong “no” (atleast for now)

What is outstanding about this palette, besides its quality and beauty – is its harmony. Although Makeup Forever is known for their wide range of vibrant color, the nude shades still are representative of Makeup Forever’s versatility and also, to me, is symbolic of the unity between these artists. Separately, they do all different types of work in completely different sections of the industry – but together, represent artists united by passion, purpose and a love for their craft- makeup. While one shadow in the palette would be beautiful on its own, its beauty is heightened when place with its counterparts.

After chatting with a Makeup Forever insider at the launch event at the NY boutique, only about 700 of these were made worldwide. If you’re thinking about snagging this one up, don’t think too long. The palette retails for $250 (already discounted for Backstage Card holders – equaling $10.50 per shadow ) which is a steal, especially if you’re in need of shadows. Like me however, I’m taking of advantage of their new palette system and pick up a few of my favorites.

The event brought several of your favorite artists in to celebrate the brand including those who helped create the palette like Viktorija Bowers, Merrell Hollis and James Vincent. I was tempted to watch an old episode of Scandal while having lunch the other day but I took to the Makeup Forever website and watched the interviews of each of these artists giving us a look into the stories of their careers, which was outright motivating and entertaining!

A few of my favorite quotes:

“Your makeup is going to look better, if you use quality makeup. That’s kind of why the professionals use it.” – Kabuki

“It’s really important to have good tools, because that’s what makes it easy to be a makeup artist” Ve Neill

“The makeup counter gives you can amazing platform to practice on different ethnicities and ages” – Viktorija Bowers

Available at: Sephora stores, Makeup Forever boutiques

My gift bag included: Travel size Sens’eyes. Aqua Smoky Lash & Mist & Fix.