Makeup Style


noun: a mode of fashion, as in dress, especially good or approved fashion;elegance; smartness.


As makeup artists, most times we are expected to wear black. The official color of makeup artists, and if you wear it enough, it will be embedded in your soul forever. We’re still at an advantage though, as we have free reign to let our personal style shine through. Of course, different jobs/clientele will tweak our choices here and there but finding ways to make one color look professional and stylish at the same time can be daunting. I sometimes find myself wondering; what thoughts goes through a makeup artists’ mind when getting dressed for a job and sometimes even everyday life.

In lieu of fashion week and my inspiration of a buzzing New York City, Makeup Style was born. I’ve been fraught with the idea for quite sometime now and what better time to launch it?

Makeup Style will give you a behind the scenes look of the style of a makeup artist.  Look out for doses of inspiration, advice and style steals.

The intention is to inspire you to explore the power of black, to make up your own style.