Top 10 Moments of 2013

Its good to take sometime to reflect on what the year has taught us about life. 2013 has been a whirlwind of many things. Both good things and bad things that has made me grow tremendously.  There were countless moments where I was in a state of “IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW” . Sometimes we worry about what is going to happen next, but when you do good, good will always come back. 2013 was a living example of that. Here are my Top 10 (summarized) moments of 2013. With belief, hard work and positivity I believe all things are possible and I am excited for 2014 because it is going to be filled with blessings and yes, lessons too. I wish you all the best for 2014 and heartfelt thank you for keeping up with my blog. I really do appreciate it.


So you know I got the job with MAC & moved, you may not have known how, when, what or why. I love what I do and I’m good at it. MAC has taught me so much, a great company to work for and a great training ground. I’ve learnt about so many complexions in the last two years and most of all speed! lol. I can’t say how grateful I am to move from Trinidad, where I had just wrapped up my role as Product Specialist to JFK working with a dynamic team, who I am loving learning and sharing knowledge with. The end of 2012/beginning of 2013, I created a countdown calender to stick up in my room, all my coworkers were asking what it was for. I started counting down the days to move to NY. I didn’t know IF I got the job, I didn’t even have my interview yet! By that time, I had already started collecting suitcases and sending  stuff off to NY (seriously), not to get all biblical on you, but FAITH is the substance of things unseen! and this is great reminder for both you and I, starting off 2014. Oh yes



  2. MEETING PAT MC GRATH It’s different when you’re accustomed to watching someone online and fervently following their work. I attended IMATS Pro Only Hours, not expecting to meet anyone really, then there she was. It was a rather cool moment and spending the little time that I did further concreted why I loved not only her work  but who she is by the way she interacts with others.



I have this thing where I stayed in my room, dived into the world of makeup and stayed there. I cannot begin to describe feeling of once looking at these people as strangers to seeing them at events, taking their classes and assisting them.  I am so grateful.

working with


To tell you the truth, the only modelling I was ever interested in, is the type I do behind my own camera, popularly known as selfies 🙂 The day MUFE asked me to be a part of their new ProFinish Powder Display, I hadn’t even plan to go into MUFE, I had a gift card and was killing some time before I visited a friends aunt. Oh universe, look at you working. I must say I had fun and I would do it again! I certainly won’t be pursuing it as a career but it was fun. I had my makeup done by Patrick Eichler (wow!)

photo (12)

  5. THE ARTIST SUMMIT I seriously cannot summarize The Artist Summit in this little post. I wasn’t sure I would have been able to attend, but I did. A friend of mine and makeup artist Elesia Diva and I were roomies. The Artist Summit exposed us to all different types of artists – they shared their stories and their journey. Often times we see people at the pinnacle but we don’t see them at their pit. These artists showed us that failure is a part of success. I enjoyed every single speech given at the Summit, from artists like Linda Mason, Sarah Lucero of Stila, Micheal Duenas Hairstylist, Sebestian Smith Photographer, Crystal Wright and more.  While I think TPG was doing this as a makeup/industry event, I feel that in the end it was really showing us how to be better people, work hard and do good.  I met a very special woman there who I look up to, admire as an artist. The Artist Summit was truly dear to me!

artist tas

 6. Crystal Wright PACKAGING YOUR PORTFOLIO WORKSHOP Right after the Artist Summit, I headed to Crystal Wrights PYP Program. Researching her class for quite sometime & seeing her in action on Youtube and at The Makeup Show,  I knew it was time to take the class. A lot of your favorite artists who are constantly working on magazines and celebrities, films and TV shows have been blessed with the Crystal Wright experience. Her approach and presentation is always refreshing and she will set you UP for success. Crystal,a fellow Capricorn is a no nonsense type of woman & that I appreciate. My life & perspective changed after taking her class and I use her book 30 Days to 100 Percent to keep myself in check.  The PYP Family is like no other! (Full post about book & class testimonial to come)

 pyp grads
I started off in the blog world using a simple template from blogger. I remember what I spoke about & have countless photos of makeup. I realized while I loved reading & looking at product blogs – this route was not for me. In January 2013, I changed over my blog domain to my portfolio website & haven’t blogged for the year. I thought about it, prayed about it and I finally realized what I wanted to talk about. I also took a step I’ve been wanting to do awhile now, recording tutorials on others and getting proper lighting. Ending the year off with 0ver 13,000 subscribers and over a million views. That’s amazing and I am so grateful, especially because I was a couple 100 off just last week.
A step closer to my NYFW goal, I had the humble pleasure of assisting Viktorija Bowers and James Vincent’s team on 2 different shows/presentation.

No new friends might be catchy song but its not a way of life for me. New relationships can teach you new lessons and I have met some great people, even before I moved who are now my friends and that I am very grateful for! ( and not forgetting the ole of course)



Left the best for last, at the bottom because it is the foundation for all that is happening and all that will happen.

 Here’s to 2014: a prosperous, positive year filled with life, love & blessings!!!