Are You Friends With Your Makeup Kit?

This morning my sister offered me a nude lipstick that she wasn’t too fond of and I said no.

Wait, I said no?

hmm it was nude.

I love nudes.

What happened?

After spending a week with my Evolution family (The Powder Group) I got a whole new sense of my entire kit/makeup collection. Now, I was never the one to use a “blush brush” just for blush or not pick up an eye shadow or two to contour. However, I feel at peace with this new found sense of minimalism. Sure there’s nothing wrong with grabbing new products that you love or products you want to try out, we are in a every changing industry. What I want to say here is : there’s power in your makeup. Transformative power, and I mean before it even touches a face.

OK I just gave you a bright pink lipstick – lets call it Candy Yum Yum and you need a baby pink for your shoot coming up. Which of the below actions will you choose:

A. Use one of your discounts to purchase a baby pink lipstick

B. Mix white with my current lipstick to create a softer baby pink

It’s important as artists to know how to manipulate our products into exactly what we need it to be. It can feel so overwhelming to a working artist to carry around 7 shades of the same nude, that’s why de-potting into palettes is our best friend. It’s happen to all of us, we buy something then to find something similar that we’ve just simply forgotten about. As I type this I’m thinking of the plethora of products in my kit that I am just not friends with, I’m not sure exactly what situation I would use them in or what type of skin I prefer to use it on. Then there are the products I know I already love and will pull time and time again.

But how will you learn? My thoughts exactly.

Alice Lane said in her keynote presentation at The Makeup Show “When you have something you’re accustomed to or you’ve used a few times – give it away, do a kit swap, allow someone else to be inspired, challenge yourself” 

Now that I’ve received several products for review, I’m happy to explore my new kit.

Your thoughts?

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  • Anwms

    “It’s important as artists to know how to manipulate our products into exactly what we need it to be. ” <— Loved this!