Erica Carr Hair Styling Workshop – Review

The question will always remain and each artist will have their own answer. My past year living in New York has presented me numerous times on a platter “Should I do hair?”. It may prove tough to answer this because in actuality, sometimes makeup artists are asked to do hair, for an emergency, for a test, you just never know. I’ve had to pass up jobs because my hair kit and hair skills then was non existent.

While some may shun the title “light hair”, I believe its how far the artist chooses to take another craft and make it their own. What if we were to follow Malcolm Gladwell’s (disputed) 10’000 hour rule – that you need to complete these 10’000 hours in order to become an expert in your field, but how to do you do that while pursuing something other than the original passion. Here’s the answer: You don’t. At some point in time, we didn’t know how to do makeup well but as we continuously flexed that muscle, it became better and better. The focus is not the end result but the journey that gets you there and however you choose to define is OK.

1. Makeup Artist: Hair by Request

2. Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

3. Makeup Artist, Light Hair

4. Makeup Artist that does hair.

Now all this to say, remember back in my Top 10 Moments of 2013 post? I spoke about attending The Artist Summit #5 (the next one is in 2015), where I met Erica Carr . Erica is a talented Hair & Makeup Artist with over 20 years in the Industry. She is an educator with a passion for her students. At some point, you may have seen her, her work  or her affiliation with Makeup Forever Education as an instructor.

Since then, I’ve been wanting to take her classes – because of time constraints etc, it just couldn’t happen until this week. Just so you know, I was never inclined to do hair but I understand as I grow up in this business,its important to know even if I am not required to do hair all the time – knowledge is power – and having a better understanding with what works with makeup to create images and satisfy clients – I am all in! It would also prove valuable in bridal services and more #Werk

I took the 3 day Beginner Course and I had an amazing time, I shared the room with other talented makeup artists I spent time with at Evolution and other TPG events. Some of us have never touched hair and others have. Erica can take you from knowing nothing to something in a matter of days. I struggled with some of the techniques, I pushed myself but most of all Erica and her team was so very supportive and ensured that we understood everything we were doing before we moved on. I learned parting, which sounds simple but can make or break a look, marcel, updos, fingerwave and so much more.

If you’ve heard of anyone saying she has one of the best hair education classes, they were right. Erica is now touring city to city and could be coming near you. I really wish I could explain HOW MUCH I learnt so I’d let these pictures help me. Follow me on Twitter for more pictures:

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