Developing an Editorial Story with Viktorija Bowers Recap & Review

On the heels on The Makeup Show 2013, Makeup Forever launched Pro Artistry Week. A jam packed week offering Intensive Education (All Hands On). While there were tons of  classes by renowned artists to choose from like Damone Roberts and Mathu Andersen – I was thrilled for Viktorija’s class.

Who is Viktorija Bowers?

viktorija photoVIKTORIJA BOWERS was born and raised in the seaside oasis of Croatia on the Dalmatian Coast, a makeup artist inspired by fairy tales and greek mythology. She is a genuine soul that is a huge inspiration. She is also an oil painter and when she is not making faces, she paints. Viktorija has had her work grace the pages of  Vogue Nippon, InStyle, Cosmo Girl to name a few.

If I had to give this class a theme other than its original name I would definitely say it would be:


Viktorija gave us an insight on what happens before a shoot, during, but also gave us valuable lessons on not only makeup but the attitude and principles that create success.

Before the actual makeup demonstration she shared a few tips that are noted below:

–          There is no “I” in “Team” – without TEAM, you are nothing.

–          Be two steps ahead of in editorial – (80’s 3 tone eyeshadow GTG!) (Seriously)

–          Learn to compromise without compromising your vision.

–          Dig yourself into history, you are your best ally – knowledge is POWER

–          Be deliberate.

–          ALWAYS be sure of yourself.

–          Be like clay – be able to mold yourself, she likes to think of herself like water, taking shape of  whatever she’s poured into.

–          Try not to say “no” – create a verbal contract when asked to do something you may not be able to deliver on or will take too much time. Eg. I can change the look but it will cause X to happen, is that ok?

–          She is very authoritarian rule with herself. Don’t get SAD, get ANGRY and be the best you can be.

–          You do not want be a copy cat.

–          Be true to yourself, don’t let ANYONE look down on you because they too started somewhere.

–          If you put too much stuff on the face, it becomes VISUAL VOMIT.


Makeup Application:

Viktorija gave us the inspiration picture she used for one of her photo shoots and let us be creative. She reminded us that we did not have to do literal translations.

1. Exfoliate model for beauty editorials (She likes Embroylisse Cream Exfoliate)

2. Drag Foundation for a lighter coverage or Stipple for a heavier coverage.

3. Foundation should match the color bone.

4. Mix Makeup Forever’s Uplight into the foundation or with an illuminating powder for that shiny/dewy look.

5. Take a heavier foundation or concealer (MUFE’s full cover) for “bleaching” brows.


The cost of the class was way less than what I actually learnt. Makeup Forever offered this workshop for $125 and was fully redeemable in product (with discount if you have your Backstage Card).

If you are ever thinking of attending a Makeup Forever workshop or a Viktorija Bowers class, please do not hesitate. Expect guidance without the fluff and inspiration to get you going!

Our inspiration was bugs, here is my translation and pictures of after the class with Viktorija herself and makeup artist, Elesia Cunningham better known as DivadoesMakeup.

photo (18)


  • Mollie Parks

    Thanks for sharing this information, Jalessa! I learned some helpful tips, and I love your application from the bug inspiration.

    • jaleesajaikaran

      thanks for commenting Mollie, glad it was useful and thank you! I had fun thinking outside the box

  • Gillian Charles

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