Customize Your Own Lipstick with Bite Beauty Lip Lab

What better way to celebrate your birthday than to customize your very own lipstick? While looking through some reviews on where to get my birthday body scrub and massage with my friend, Frances, I somehow came across the Bite Beauty Lip Lap on Yelp. They had really good reviews so I jumped on it! I’ve only seen this briefly while scrolling through Instagram and from other artists who have visited. Bite Beauty is sold exclusively in Sephora and the brand is raved for their versatile lip colors and their hydrating, creamy consistency. The natural progression of things would be that I added it as one of my birthday activities right after Taryn of Taryn Brows revived my bush-tastic brows (shame face). I decided to share this special moment with my sister and style aficionado, Shari Phillip Mimms. (I think she was more excited than me, all of her coworkers were waiting to see to results lol)

First off, I love that area so it was a breeze to get there, granted you have to walk  couple blocks to the get there, it was an easy find. (The new NARS boutique is over there as well). Upon arrival, I got to picking my shades immediately. You see, I have an infatuation with nude lipstick. Now don’t get me wrong, I love brights but a nude just does it for me. Some of my favorite shades are VIVA GLAM II, Honey Love, Myth, Half & Half & Spirit. If you know any of these colors, they’re basically all nudes with some being lighter than the others. I will usually mix 2 of these to get my perfect colour and then top with a gloss.

I had the opportunity to try and mix any shades I wanted and choose my preferred scent. My sis and I have similar yet very different tastes, so she went for a pinker nude. I ended up naming my lipstick, Cree. The service was fantastic, and I will be visiting them soon to show you guys hows its done – this will be featured on my Youtube channel.

Cost: $40-$48 (Will update on this, I read a review that said $28, so clearly it was a typ0, but altogether we paid $103 – totally worth it however)

You can find out more info on Bite’s Lap website here.

Cool fact: You can have a private party here (you get 3 products with wine!)


meaning : Highly Spirited

Mix of Shades: Rotsina, Honey Berry & Pepper

Scent: Vanilla

Finish: Creme’ Deluxe

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