Creating your own MAC PRO Lipstick Palette

We’ve done it all right? Japonesque, pill boxes, the works. Custom palettes are nothing new but since MAC decided to dramatically decrease the price of their palette and release new inserts, I was inspired to give the kit a little face lift (especially since I get new lipsticks so regularly – you forget what you have!) and hopefully encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t.

Whether you’re a makeup pro or aficionado, it will serve you well to de-clutter and  give yourself a renewed connection to your collection.

You will need:

1. Spoon – Place the lipstick in the spoon for melting and pouring.

2. Makeup Remover – Clean up sides of palette (your lipstick shades may run over to the next side if you’ve used too much)

3. Candle – Use as primary heat sources (don’t forget your matches or lighter)

4. Hand Sanitizer – Keep hands clean throughout.

5. Q tips – Multi-functional. I use these with the makeup remover for precision.

6. Tissue – You’re gonna need this to wipe the spoon and possibly your hands throughout the process.

7. Metal or Plastic Spatula – Used to cut the lipsticks.

8. Alcohol – Necessary to sanitize tools & lipsticks.

9. Labels – Keep track the names of your shades

10. Lipsticks (I had to say it though)

11. Pen

12. MAC Pro Palette Insert & Palette

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