Clean Beauty with Caitlin

I love clean beauty, its an obsession actually. I was thinking about this today and wondered where this love for skin started. When I started at MAC Cosmetics back in 2011, I was so intrigued with how to this type of look is achieved. Seeing that I had really just started doing makeup at that point, I asked everyone I could about the trick to getting that dewy skin.

This is very much a subdued version of the type of dewy skin I’m talking about but I now find myself loving the very same products that was recommended. Working for store events, I had the opportunity to ask a MAC Senior Artists and just generally more seasoned artists than myself.

Now that I’ve played with all different types of skin tones and types, I must say it’s my favorite thing to do.

Some of the key skin products for this look were:

1. Tweezerman tools – It’s a dream when your model was dropped from brow heaven, I basically did a bit of cleaning up on a couple of hairs needed and threaded the upper lip because a woman gets busy sometimes.

2. As I write this, I remind myself I need to purchase my Be Fine skin care sugar scrub. It has been a favorite for models in my kit and cleaning and exfoliating the skin before a beauty shoot is important.

3. MAC Cream Colour Base –  Shell & Luna, I usually mix.

4. Elizabeth Arden 24 hour cream

5. MaqPro Makeup Mixer

6. MAC Strobe Cream

7. Embryolisse Creme

8. Face Atelier