Breakups to Makeup 1st Anniversary Event

I headed to support Angelique on her one year anniversary of Breakups to Makeup. When I first started seeing the brand, I was both impressed and amused by the products catchy phrases. Crazy how a year  flies, feels like I just purchased a couple of her items during The Makeup Show Pop Up Shop during the holiday season. I had time to ask Angelique a couple questions:

How have you been feeling about the success of B2M?

Angelique: Surprised and humbled. I really didn’t expect it to take off, and at the rate it has. People have related so much to the brand and message and I am really grateful for that.

What’s new and what’s next?

The newest summer items include crop tops and metallic lettering on new and existing products. What’s next? we’ll have to see!

Find Breakups to Makeup on Instagram here and order items such as phone cases, t shirts and makeup bags on her website.

breakupstomakeup makeup bag

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