Best Foundations for a Makeup Artist Kit (Part 1)

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We’re back!!!

Ahh, another week of Real Opinions by Real Artists. This series excites me greatly, not only because I get to share loads of valuable information that you may not  find elsewhere but because as I interview and research, I’ve been learning so much more.. and learning? I like that because the more I know = the more you know.

So let’s talk about foundations, as a professional makeup artist you are always searching for the right foundation for your kit, your go-to, your holy grail. Foundations can be very personal to an artist, a product that Eric loves, Amanda may not necessarily like it. I understand though, you still need to ask questions from the people who’s work you respect and who does killer foundation. Some you have never heard of before, up until I change that of course.

It’s important to do your research to help you narrow down what might be right for you. To help you with this, today we’re chatting with Michael Chua, a talented makeup artist I met backstage during a fashion show with James Vincent.

Michael has been doing faces for years and judging from the one photo below, we’d take his advice!! (Find more of his artistry on his site linked below)

Here’s Michaels’ take on the best foundation:

What is your favourite foundation for your kit, & why

Liquids – I love Face Atelier for dry to normal skin. It melts into the sin seamlessly, gives wonderful up to medium coverage and a gorgeous dewy finish. Because of its silicone base, it has a built in primer and saves me an extra step. I also love the line for it’s color range which is suitable for global skin tones and also includes the wonderful 0-, 0+, 0++ and heat, which truly allows this line to be versatile and address any skin tone needs a pro artist could encounter. Honorable mentions would go to MUFE Face and Body. It has a wonderful range of shades, has a beautiful, healthy looking finish and is water and mostly transfer resistant.

Creams – I love RCMA for its above average pigment density (50%) and its slightly matter finish as compared to other creams on the market. The high pigment density allows me to use very little product to get the job done and for a sheerer application, i like to cut it with Embroylisse (moisturizer). I tend to use this product a lot in men’s grooming. I also love the Mehron Celebre HD cream foundations. Beautiful demi matte finish, gorgeous shade range and melts into the skin like warm butter on a pancake.


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