Behind the Scenes: If Models were Superheros

Could you imagine if models were superheros? Well if they did, I had my very own “Storm” in my chair this week. Sarah from Fusion Models carries her look so well and who doesn’t love when a model makes your job easy. I took some behind the scene shots with photographer Chrisean Dames and at the end of the shoot,  I came to the following conclusions:

1. Fascinating Eye Khol is probably the best white eye liner you could buy. I say this because I’ve use tons of brands and funny I say this because I didn’t even have my Fascinating with me (faint), I used Makeup Forever’s white pencil and it just didn’t last as well on the water line, it faded lots. I would probably try the Aqua line (waterproof) of pencils, I am sure that would be a way better quality. I ended up layering NYX Jumbo eye pencil over it and it saved the day.

2. Skin is skin..and skin will always do what it wants. (Hello uninvited pimple) So Sarah has beautiful skin and sometimes with acne medication and the wintery weather we’ve been experiencing in NYC, dry skin happens and it happened with me. I used a combination of Face Atelier sheered down with MAC Face & Body foundation with a beauty blender and #159 brush and had to remove the foundation between looks because of flaky skin. I say this because foundation isn’t typically removed when there are makeup changes unless its necessary. Her skin was thoroughly moisturized, Fix +’ed yet it still happened. Nothing to complain about but another lesson in effectiveness and speed.

3. Don’t let brands blur your vision. During this shoot, I had a combination of brands: Face Atelier, MAC, Makeup Forever, Viseart, NYX, Wet N Wild. I usually don’t reach for my Wet n Wild Palettes but the quality of the white eyeshadow is very creamy. UGH. So good! Each brand has something unique to offer, be open to that and try new thangs. OK?

Stay tuned for the pictures.

sarah 2

sarah 1