We’ve been with Kelly Rowland since her Destiny’s Child days. Over the years, we have seen Kelly’s style evolve drastically. On The heels of her new album, Talk A Good Game, we’re keeping a close eye on Kelly and taking note of how she’s embraced her own style and beauty.

Know when to keep it simple – Kelly has become much anticipated on the red carpet. What we love about her; is that sleek simplicity that stuns us every time. With her jaw dropping looks, her makeup, hair and accessories always seem to fit. Kelly’s quiet confidence gives us a little reminder that simple truly does mean effective.

kelly rowland style

Embrace Color – Lots of women may feel as though they have passed the age for wearing brighter colors in lipsticks, eye shadows or blush. In her video this year, “Kisses Down Low”, Kelly shows us how to have fun with color while still being grown and sexy. If you’re still timid about color, try a lip gloss that can be sheered out to your preference. For eyes, tried a colored liner in the waterline. (p.s I love Shieka Daly!)

kelly rowland bright makeup

Experiment with Hair – Having gone through a series of synthetic wigs in the past; Kelly’s hairstyles are now face-fitting and professionally done. Kelly has tried everything from shorter cuts, bangs and big curls, which all seems to work for her. When looking for a new do- try different wigs before taking the plunge, especially if it involves scissors. Analyze your face shape and seek the advice of a professional.

kelly rowland hairstyles

Take Care of Your Skin – Kelly has never shyed away from being photographed with little to no makeup. Most of us think celebrities are always confined to being perfectly done all the time. Kelly us showed us, in more ways than one that makeup is truly just an enhancement of her own natural beauty. This should give us all inspiration to take care of our skin by using moisturizer and SPF daily.

kelly rowland no makeup

Work With Your Features – Not everything is everybody (this we know!) Whether it is a hairstyle, fashion or makeup, Kelly has proven to us over the years that she knows how to use what she has. Back in Destiny’s Child days, she wore whatever Tina Knowles assigned, but now? Kelly has become a show stopper on every red carpet she has stepped foot on.

kelly rowland confidence

This article is content from Fuzion Magazine written  by Jaleesa Jaikaran