TPG Summer School with Roque Cozzette

Synergy of Airbrush & Traditional Makeup through the Eyes of Fashion!
I headed to the first week of TPG’s Summer School with Roque Cozzette last Wednesday at Kenig & Alcone. It was an honor to hear Roque speak, as he has been a true testament in the beauty industry. His brand, Cozette is used by many makeup artists in the business, he works alongside the worlds best artists and designers, has contributed to the creation of well known products and educational material.. and well, he always says hello. For those who were unable to attend, I’m happy to share this post with you. Look forward to TPG Summer School every Wednesday for the rest of the summer.

A little about Roque Cozzette:

Roque Cozzette thinks creatively and creates strategically. His talent comes from the orchestrated sensibilities of hands, head, and heart. A seasoned beauty-industry pro experienced in print, fashion, celebrity image, and cosmetic product development; an extraordinary depth and scope to his multi-faceted career. Working withcelebrities like Christina Milian, Isabella Rossellini, Melody Gardot, and Roxanna; Roque has synergized traditional and airbrushing techniques. On the fashion front, he lent his creative vision to the runway for fashion houses like Christian Dior, Valentino, Y3, Louis Vuitton, John Galliano, Yohji Yamamoto, Victoria’s Secret, Prada and Givenchy. An innovator and educator with a vision to embrace the highest creative values that when allowed lifts the vibration of all whom he touches. Roque is the founder of the Cozzette line of brushes and accessories. 

What he said:

- Has been in the business 30 years and is proud of everyone who decided to take this career journey because its not easy.

- Set an intention- from this night – a present tense statement. What you intend on, you get!

-  Every time you see a mirror, say I love you to yourself.

- We don’t take enough time to validate ourselves.

- He moved to New York at 30. Never give up! 

- Embrace your heart, who you really are, and set yourself to the next level of where you want to be.

-  How are you going to get where you want to be. It doesn’t matter where you are and where you come from. Your life will never be the same if you just believe!

- Half of the business is presentation of self and the way you speak, and then how you execute your makeup.

- Co creator of Kett ( departed 4 years ago) airbrush is not the end all be all, neither is traditional makeup.

-  He studied cosmetic chemistry because of the evolution of HD, he needed to understand. He doesn’t really use lots of powder.

- He always does face charts. It’s great practice and to have a  system, so in the way that you work. It helps you remember what you put on – especially in fashion ,everything revolves around the makeup test.

- He has helped written sections of Milady’s Cosmetology Book.


“Product, Practice and Precision” – Roque Cozzette


roque 1

roque 22

roque 3

roque 44

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Best Foundations for a Makeup Artist Kit (Part 2)

Right off the plane and we’re ready for another Makeup Monday! Just back from Trinidad, I’m excited to share with you the thoughts of Renee Milford, a Trinidad based makeup artist and Airbrush Makeup Educator.

What is your favourite foundation for your kit, & why?

I love using Temptu airbrush foundations, I’ve been airbrushing makeup since 2006 and since then fell in love with Temptu. The silicone based foundations mimic the look of skin and are water resistant, this makes it perfect for bridal clients and the humid climate here in Trinidad.

It is very versatile as it offers a sheer texture with buildable coverage so I can easily achieve perfect looking skin by layering the foundation. I’m fondly called a makeup mixologist, so when I need to customize quickly, I usually grab a couple shades of the foundations and a colour adjuster to create the perfect match.

I’ve been using these foundations for years and will continue to use them because they always deliver the results that I’m looking for.


ren work 1

renee milford

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Best Foundations for a Makeup Artist Kit (Part 1)

real opinions foundarion

We’re back!!!

Ahh, another week of Real Opinions by Real Artists. This series excites me greatly, not only because I get to share loads of valuable information that you may not  find elsewhere but because as I interview and research, I’ve been learning so much more.. and learning? I like that because the more I know = the more you know.

So let’s talk about foundations, as a professional makeup artist you are always searching for the right foundation for your kit, your go-to, your holy grail. Foundations can be very personal to an artist, a product that Eric loves, Amanda may not necessarily like it. I understand though, you still need to ask questions from the people who’s work you respect and who does killer foundation. Some you have never heard of before, up until I change that of course.

It’s important to do your research to help you narrow down what might be right for you. To help you with this, today we’re chatting with Michael Chua, a talented makeup artist I met backstage during a fashion show with James Vincent.

Michael has been doing faces for years and judging from the one photo below, we’d take his advice!! (Find more of his artistry on his site linked below)

Here’s Michaels’ take on the best foundation:

What is your favourite foundation for your kit, & why

Liquids – I love Face Atelier for dry to normal skin. It melts into the sin seamlessly, gives wonderful up to medium coverage and a gorgeous dewy finish. Because of its silicone base, it has a built in primer and saves me an extra step. I also love the line for it’s color range which is suitable for global skin tones and also includes the wonderful 0-, 0+, 0++ and heat, which truly allows this line to be versatile and address any skin tone needs a pro artist could encounter. Honorable mentions would go to MUFE Face and Body. It has a wonderful range of shades, has a beautiful, healthy looking finish and is water and mostly transfer resistant.

Creams – I love RCMA for its above average pigment density (50%) and its slightly matter finish as compared to other creams on the market. The high pigment density allows me to use very little product to get the job done and for a sheerer application, i like to cut it with Embroylisse (moisturizer). I tend to use this product a lot in men’s grooming. I also love the Mehron Celebre HD cream foundations. Beautiful demi matte finish, gorgeous shade range and melts into the skin like warm butter on a pancake.


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Creating your own MAC PRO Lipstick Palette

We’ve done it all right? Japonesque, pill boxes, the works. Custom palettes are nothing new but since MAC decided to dramatically decrease the price of their palette and release new inserts, I was inspired to give the kit a little face lift (especially since I get new lipsticks so regularly – you forget what you have!) and hopefully encourage you to give it a try if you haven’t.

Whether you’re a makeup pro or aficionado, it will serve you well to de-clutter and  give yourself a renewed connection to your collection.

You will need:

1. Spoon – Place the lipstick in the spoon for melting and pouring.

2. Makeup Remover – Clean up sides of palette (your lipstick shades may run over to the next side if you’ve used too much)

3. Candle – Use as primary heat sources (don’t forget your matches or lighter)

4. Hand Sanitizer – Keep hands clean throughout.

5. Q tips – Multi-functional. I use these with the makeup remover for precision.

6. Tissue – You’re gonna need this to wipe the spoon and possibly your hands throughout the process.

7. Metal or Plastic Spatula - Used to cut the lipsticks.

8. Alcohol – Necessary to sanitize tools & lipsticks.

9. Labels – Keep track the names of your shades

10. Lipsticks (I had to say it though)

11. Pen

12. MAC Pro Palette Insert & Palette

lip tut list

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Breakups to Makeup 1st Anniversary Event

I headed to support Angelique on her one year anniversary of Breakups to Makeup. When I first started seeing the brand, I was both impressed and amused by the products catchy phrases. Crazy how a year  flies, feels like I just purchased a couple of her items during The Makeup Show Pop Up Shop during the holiday season. I had time to ask Angelique a couple questions:

How have you been feeling about the success of B2M?

Angelique: Surprised and humbled. I really didn’t expect it to take off, and at the rate it has. People have related so much to the brand and message and I am really grateful for that.

What’s new and what’s next?

The newest summer items include crop tops and metallic lettering on new and existing products. What’s next? we’ll have to see!

Find Breakups to Makeup on Instagram here and order items such as phone cases, t shirts and makeup bags on her website.

breakupstomakeup makeup bag

photo (75)

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The Best of May – My Personal Favorites

MAY FAV cover



may favz1. Senna Brow Book

2. MAC Cosmetics 159 Brush

3. MAC Cosmetics Prolongwear Brow Set

4. MAC Cosmetics Patent Lip Polish

5. AJ Crimson Cream Foundation

6. Cleanse By Lauren Napier (Facial Wipes)

7. Measurable Difference Mascara

8. Black Up Cosmetics Lipstick (#1124 Shown In Video)

Find the full breakdown of these products on my channel:



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Erica Carr Hair Styling Workshop – Review

The question will always remain and each artist will have their own answer. My past year living in New York has presented me numerous times on a platter “Should I do hair?”. It may prove tough to answer this because in actuality, sometimes makeup artists are asked to do hair, for an emergency, for a test, you just never know. I’ve had to pass up jobs because my hair kit and hair skills then was non existent.

While some may shun the title “light hair”, I believe its how far the artist chooses to take another craft and make it their own. What if we were to follow Malcolm Gladwell’s (disputed) 10’000 hour rule – that you need to complete these 10’000 hours in order to become an expert in your field, but how to do you do that while pursuing something other than the original passion. Here’s the answer: You don’t. At some point in time, we didn’t know how to do makeup well but as we continuously flexed that muscle, it became better and better. The focus is not the end result but the journey that gets you there and however you choose to define is OK.

1. Makeup Artist: Hair by Request

2. Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

3. Makeup Artist, Light Hair

4. Makeup Artist that does hair.

Now all this to say, remember back in my Top 10 Moments of 2013 post? I spoke about attending The Artist Summit #5 (the next one is in 2015), where I met Erica Carr . Erica is a talented Hair & Makeup Artist with over 20 years in the Industry. She is an educator with a passion for her students. At some point, you may have seen her, her work  or her affiliation with Makeup Forever Education as an instructor.

Since then, I’ve been wanting to take her classes – because of time constraints etc, it just couldn’t happen until this week. Just so you know, I was never inclined to do hair but I understand as I grow up in this business,its important to know even if I am not required to do hair all the time – knowledge is power – and having a better understanding with what works with makeup to create images and satisfy clients – I am all in! It would also prove valuable in bridal services and more #Werk

I took the 3 day Beginner Course and I had an amazing time, I shared the room with other talented makeup artists I spent time with at Evolution and other TPG events. Some of us have never touched hair and others have. Erica can take you from knowing nothing to something in a matter of days. I struggled with some of the techniques, I pushed myself but most of all Erica and her team was so very supportive and ensured that we understood everything we were doing before we moved on. I learned parting, which sounds simple but can make or break a look, marcel, updos, fingerwave and so much more.

If you’ve heard of anyone saying she has one of the best hair education classes, they were right. Erica is now touring city to city and could be coming near you. I really wish I could explain HOW MUCH I learnt so I’d let these pictures help me. Follow me on Twitter for more pictures:

Find more at:

photo 1 (8)

photo 4

photo 3 (2)

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Are You Friends With Your Makeup Kit?

This morning my sister offered me a nude lipstick that she wasn’t too fond of and I said no.

Wait, I said no?

hmm it was nude.

I love nudes.

What happened?

After spending a week with my Evolution family (The Powder Group) I got a whole new sense of my entire kit/makeup collection. Now, I was never the one to use a “blush brush” just for blush or not pick up an eye shadow or two to contour. However, I feel at peace with this new found sense of minimalism. Sure there’s nothing wrong with grabbing new products that you love or products you want to try out, we are in a every changing industry. What I want to say here is : there’s power in your makeup. Transformative power, and I mean before it even touches a face.

OK I just gave you a bright pink lipstick – lets call it Candy Yum Yum and you need a baby pink for your shoot coming up. Which of the below actions will you choose:

A. Use one of your discounts to purchase a baby pink lipstick

B. Mix white with my current lipstick to create a softer baby pink

It’s important as artists to know how to manipulate our products into exactly what we need it to be. It can feel so overwhelming to a working artist to carry around 7 shades of the same nude, that’s why de-potting into palettes is our best friend. It’s happen to all of us, we buy something then to find something similar that we’ve just simply forgotten about. As I type this I’m thinking of the plethora of products in my kit that I am just not friends with, I’m not sure exactly what situation I would use them in or what type of skin I prefer to use it on. Then there are the products I know I already love and will pull time and time again.

But how will you learn? My thoughts exactly.

Alice Lane said in her keynote presentation at The Makeup Show “When you have something you’re accustomed to or you’ve used a few times – give it away, do a kit swap, allow someone else to be inspired, challenge yourself” 

Now that I’ve received several products for review, I’m happy to explore my new kit.

Your thoughts?

makeup junkie makeup hoarder

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CLEANSE by Lauren Napier Review

You’re just about to leave work and you’re on the go – heading to the gym. You forgot your makeup wipes! Argh. No stress, you pop into the nearest makeup supply store and all they have are HUGE PACKS of wipes, when you only need ONE. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

Now there’s a answer:

LEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER facial cleansing wipes are the easiest and most effective way to maintain a complete skin-care routine while on the go. Use CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER to refresh skin and thoroughly remove stubborn makeup, dirt and impurities from the skin’s surface. After using CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER facial cleansing wipes skin will feel refreshed and toned, while also nourished and moisturized. No rinsing necessary.

CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is made in America and is packaged in a box of 12 and come individually wrapped for your convenience. These facial cleansing wipes are sized to slide into a purse or pocket unfolding into a sizable 6×7 inch cleansing towlette.

Rich in water, aloe, chamolilla and cucumber, each wipe is slightly textured to aid in gentle and effective cleansing.

Aloe’s high water content helps prevent dehydration. Chamolilla is rich with vitamin B, reduces redness and the growth of bacteria on the skins surface. Cucumber is loaded with vitamin C that alleviates inflammation, refines pores, tightens and tones skins while balancing oils on the skin’s surface.

Recently, I found my favorite wipes after testing a couple. These, I religiously buy for both myself and my kit. Wondering what they are?

1. Alcone Wipes (Silver Pack) 2. Nuetrogena Wipes (Blue Pack) 3. Olay Wet Cleansing Towelettes (Blue Pack)

I find that these actually feel like cloths, that gently massage my face and require me to just use one. Lauren’s wipes had the same feel, just with a better appeal and convenience. These fit perfectly in your makeup bag and especially in your kit. I already need to stock up when I get to the Makeup Show. Lauren has truly filled a gap here. Gives these wipes a try and message me on Instagram and tell me what you think. You can even find some dirty evidence there @jaleesajaikaran

Find out more of the brands story here 

cleanse by lauren 1 cleanse by lauren 2


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Dick Page at The Makeup Show NYC 2013

At The Makeup Show NYC 2013, I sat in on Dick Page’s key note presentation which was facilitated by James Vincent.

“The career of British make-up artist Dick Page is one of considerable accomplishment. His technical skill and painter’s eye for color, texture, and detail have firmly established his reputation as an industry leader. He has achieved widespread recognition for his editorial and advertising work, as well as for his more than ten years’ experience on runway shows worldwide.

In March 2007, Dick Page was named Artistic Director of Shiseido The Makeup. For Shiseido, Page’s key role is Acting Color Creator and Product Developer for the brand world wide.” –

Dick Page has had his work graced the pages of Vogue, Lucky, Allure. Elle to name a few. He is currently under Jed Root, the home agency of Alice Lane who will be speaking at The Makeup Show NYC 2014.

Dick made some very valid and noteworthy points. Thanks to few years I spent as the secretary of a youth league, I was able to make note of most of the questions asked.


 How major is it to be in one of the major fashion cities?

Its not a big deal, but you want to be close to the people you want to work with. Keep your mind open.. jetpack to Tokyo.

What is the first piece of advice you would give to an artist?

Keep moving, keep trying, Write, sculpt, draw. Take any job you can get and most importantly, keep an open mind.

Should an artist work for free?

Yes, you never know who you will meet.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Food, cooking, shopping, eating, going outdoors and spending time outside generally..light keeps me going mentally.

Advice to your younger self.

Stay as cheap as you can, as long as you can.

How do you communicate with the photographer?

Ask the photographer to take a test shot, look at the lighting.

Three qualities of a successful makeup artist.

(He gave a little more than three)

  1. Punctuality
  2. General Professionalism – (Clean Kit)
  3. General team work – being part of a bigger picture
  4. Integrity, Honesty, Respect
  5. Be entirely present – paid or not.

Top 5 products

I don’t necessarily have a top 5, I just like products that you can consider “Transformers”

Cream based colors, keeping the kit as small as possible.


“Its better to be a small part of a great show than a big part of a horrible mess.”

“The power of restraint is IMPORTANT”

“HD is overrated” 

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