Skincare Sunday – October

Skincare SundayOctober Recap


WHAT: Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil

WHY: I’ve always heard that Coconut Oil was a good makeup remover but I’ve never tried it. Since I started my natural journey, I’ve been slowly incorporating more natural products into my routine. I wear waterproof black eyeliner and mascara almost every day and I found now that I’ve been using it, I tug on my eyes less and the product comes off so easily and I have little fallout of my lashes. Coconut Oil has been said to help with wrinkles around the eyes as well.


WHAT: The Body Shop Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam

WHY: I love creamy face washes and this one is made volcanic ash from Jeju Island and helps purifies pores from pollution. It also helps with excess sebum, even though I don’t particularly have oily skin, this hasn’t dried me out and I only use it at night.


WHAT: Thayer’s Witchhazel

WHY: Witch hazel is a multi-purpose remedy that can help with a wide variety of conditions. It is often recommended for spot treating acne, soothing dry skin or itching, and removing makeup. I use this interchangeably with Bioderma remover to finish off my makeup removal process.


WHAT: Madina Light Source Serum-In-Spray

WHY: Serums are really always supposed to go on before moisturizer. I’ve tried so many in the past (Lancome, Dior) but never really LOVED any, maybe because I didn’t stick with it as I should. Thanks to the combination of a “second skin” polymer and active ingredients for antioxidant and moisturizing activity, it helps to protect the skin from free radicals and quickly restores the skin’s water balance. It also hyaluronic acid in it as well.


WHAT: Bioderma Hydrabio Gel Creme 

WHY: Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic, Paraben-free. This moisturizer gives great moisture, it contains apple seed extract stimulates the activity of Aquaporins, which are the natural channels allowing water flow within the skin. Vitamin E helps to protect the skin against oxidative stress and combat premature aging.


WHAT: MAC Fast Response Eye Cream

WHY: This has been a long time fav of mine that I use on myself and in my kit. This product has caffeine so it helps with puffiness under the eyes, also helps with fine lines and wrinkles.


WHAT: Aquaphor

WHY: This can be used for everything under the sun. It’s recommended for dry, cracked skin, chapped lips, cracked cuticles and dry feet and heels. I use this as a lip balm.


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A new perspective on beauty


I haven’t actually written a post on my blog in so long. I transitioned into video but since I am such a writer (moreso pen and paper) I wanted to record some of my current thoughts.

Since there’s been an influx of people that have been asking/complimenting me on my skin, I found a bit of inspiration to share what I do which has then turned into “Skincare Sunday” a monthly recap of my skincare regimen on my Instastories.

Over this past year, I’ve been battling in between changing my diet. Those who really know me, know how much I love/d bacon and would tag me in the funniest videos. I found though, not all the time, but a lot, I felt bleh/sick/yuck after eating and I felt a little disappointed with myself and had thoughts saying “You know what, I really didn’t HAVE to eat that”, You ever get that feeling? I could just see the bitmoji me having their own conversation on my shoulders.

Not to say any which way is good or bad, but I would fast regularly for spirituality reasons and I would notice the difference in how I feel. Now, I’m a heavyweight, a whole 106lbs so I would tell myself, J, if you stop eating meat, You’ll disappear – don’t do it! So funny.  So it’s been a couple months now that I’ve been pescatarian and I must say my skin feels smoother and breakouts are minimal to non-existent.

My diet inspired another change, my REAL hair. I’ve never loved or hated my hair, I just didn’t feel a connection to it. For years, even after transitioning from relaxed to natural, I wore protective styles and never really gave my real hair a chance to grow. It would be out for about maybe 2-3 weeks max, blown out super straight, ponytail, bun then back in the next style. Since I didn’t know how to comb my hair, I never felt beautiful with my hair out and my lovely friend, LB Charles, came over one day and showed me how to do it. Now this is not to say I’d never do another protective style but its been also a full 3 months without any other hair but mine on my head and that feels amazing.

I’ll be uploading more videos on my Youtube and recapping all the face and body products I use and mention on Skincare Sundays here.

I’m appreciative of all the love and support.

Jaleesa Jaikaran Beauty Makeup Artist Women of Color


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SK-II Essence Review

I was one of the lucky ones to receive this product free from SK-II to try in exchange for my honest opinion.
Honestly, I was apprehensive about using an OIL moisturizer. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this oil magically absorbed into my skin without leaving my face greasy. A little bit goes a long way! I put about 4-5 drops on my palm and apply it to the dry areas on my face.  
Any excess on my hand gets rubbed into my neck! This product just smells light and fresh! It is very pleasant.I love the packaging! Little things like this really please me and show me that the manufacturer took enough pride in their product to package it well. The bottle is a very nice, thick frosted glass. I have screwed the cap back onto the bottle one handed on a countertop after each use without ever tipping it over.
Thank you for the opportunity to try this quality product! I received this from Influenster for review. #myessence #skii
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Why I’m loving YSL’s Rouge Pur Lipsticks

As a makeup artist, it could SOMETIMES be easy to get desensitized to the plethora of makeup we’re exposed to. While that might happen to me once in awhile, I am THRILLED to try these new YSL Rouge Pur Couture colors.

These lipsticks are insanely creamy and glide on so easily to the lips. The SPF is a great bonus as I could wear this on the go, especially on those days when I have to apply my makeup on the go.

Rose Stiletto looks almost nude out the packaging, but it holds true to its name. Its color is a gorgeous rose-pink color that works well on my skin. The Fucshia is definitely a fun color and I decided to add this one to my kit. I’m excited to show you all the looks I create with these lipsticks

YSL Rouge Pur Couture

* I received these products from Influenster for review. This is no way reflects my thoughts and opinions on the product. 

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All Matte Everything – INGLOT takes it up a notch

Inglot launched their new MATTE it be collection on October 16th, 2015. With matte being the word on everyones lips. I’m happy to see Inglot giving the brand new products to pride themselves on. AMC gel liners are one of my favorite products (THE NUDE COLOR looks DIVINE!!) from Inglot and their new shades, I am definitely going to be trying out in my kit and also on myself.

Inglot is set to hit select Macy’s stores in January 2016. Should be a very interesting year, as Sigma is entering the big box retail market as well.

nothing like a matte lip




inglot 2

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Kat Von D Ink Liner

During The Makeup Show New York City, 2015 I received a couple of Kat Von D’s products to review. The Shade and Light palette for the eyes I fell instantly in love with and added to my kit for a shoot the very next day.

 kat von d shade and light eye palette


While on a beauty shoot late this summer, I was just about to remove the models entire makeup. She really just had 5 minutes before she had to leave when I decided to try a wing liner with Kat Von D’s Liquid Ink Liner in Neruda (White) to create this look. At first I wasn’t sure if I hated it or I loved it but it turned out pretty well. The liner runs for $19 and with the longevity and precision I got in such a short time, that is definitely a bargain. Felt tips aren’t usually my friend but Kat’s liner hasn’t dried out on me and still very sharp.

For her skin, I also tried something I’ve never given a shot before. Black Opal’s True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid. Its give a great coverage – not a foundation I will reach for very often but so far so good. Find the rest of the looks from this story on my website at

kat 1


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Tweezerman 35th Anniversary

This week Tweezerman celebrated their 35th anniversary!  The celebrations took place at The Gansevoortin New York City.

Tweezerman was kind enough to gift me a kit full of their best tools as a special gift for being a VIP PRO. Now, if I leave home without these, a slight panic attack is highly possible. LOL – not even kidding though. Honestly, if it doesn’t say tweezerman – it doesn’t make sense.

I’ve been using my past tweezers as eyelash applicators etc. What I love most about this company is not only their lifetime guarantee but their constant innovation. I planned on adding their duo fiber brush to my kit but I ended up keeping it all to my little self. It’s that good.

What are other MUST HAVES from Tweezerman?

A little tool that you may not have tried before, is their rubber mascara guard. While assisting on set, I saw these being used and since being reintroduced to the market. I now have 2.

Tweezerman Tools
engrave tweezersCree is me 🙂
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TPG Summer School with D’Angelo Thompson

Second week and D’Angelo Thompson kept the momentum of TPG Summer School going. If you don’t know who this makeup maven is – here’s a little introduction from the TPG website:

D’Angelo Thompson is known for his mastery of beauty and quality aesthetic. He is also one of the Entertainment Industry’s most sought after artisans. Originally from Chicago, D’angelo always dreamed of one day taking the beauty industry by the reigns both nationally and internationally, and in the past two decades has done so in a phenomenal way. It is his personal vision to elevate his profession by creating a global brand/community and empowering all to see and celebrate their beauty.

His training, command of color and natural eye for beauty has developed him into a consummate professional with an extensive career. He is also a mentor and instructor who is extremely grateful to be living his purpose while executing his passion. 

As a Professional, D’angelo’s expertise extends to beauty, bridal, editorial, commercial, film, TV and private clients. As hair/makeup artist for guests and celebrities on The Wendy Williams Show from 2008 – 2011, D’angelo earned three Daytime Emmy nominations with a win for “Guest Hair” in 2010. Most importantly, in over two decades, D’angelo has developed a body of work that classifies him in the A-list of beauty professionals.


D’Angelo showed us keys to a beautiful clean look – the kind of looks that will get us paid.

His top tips? Great skincare, a foundation you can rely on and beautiful lashes to compliment the look.

Some of his all time favorite products are:

1. RCMA Foundations
2. Dermablend
3. Black Opal foundations
4. Makeup Forever HD
5. Ben Nye Powders – Sienna, Topaz & Banana (especially because it’s matte)

dangelo look

dangelo t



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The Powder Group Summer School with Mari Shten

Summer is here and I couldn’t be any happier. Especially now that TPG has launched their Summer School Program! I had the opportunity to sit in their first class of the season with Mari Shten. You have probably seen Mari on my blog before when we chatted about Makeup School, this time, Mari focused on Creative Beauty.

Mari has spent 6 years in the business. She went to MUD Makeup School and because of her fascination, she moved to LA. Shortly after she realized she wasn’t about that life and fashion and editorial was where she wanted to be. New York was the next stop.

Mari worked her ass off, doing bartending at night and as much testing as she could during the day.
Someone once told her, you can’t make it in New York unless you’ve been here for at least 5 years. Clearly Mari is defying the odds having her work grace the pages of magazines, celebrities and her many trips to Paris, Milan for Fashion Week.
With Beauty being one of her most favorite types of makeup to do, Mari shared a couple secrets to how she comes to the amazing looks she produces.
1. You HAVE to understand the camera and the light. It’s an integral part of being a makeup artist.
2. Communication is key! Especially with the photographer, always be polite but most of all be well informed.
3. She almost never uses powder when doing Beauty Makeup.
4. She finds her inspiration by going to museums and art galleries, especially when she travels. You can build a story around one thing.
5. Always build a creative look from a clean look.
6. Go to Sephora & TRY products!
7. Use non makeup materials like the one used in this makeup look. These leaves were bought at the flower district and burnt for texture.
8. Most of all: Challenge yourself!

Find more of TPG Summer School every Wednesday:

Summer’s here and with it comes long weekends on the beach, barbeque and lot’s of free education at The Powder Group! That’s right, the Summer of 2015 is the season of TPG Summer School – and TPG Pro Members attend for free! Non-members attend for only $45 or $200 for all six sessions! Register below.

Beginning on Wednesday, July 15 and running through Wednesday, August 19, The Powder Group will bring you a different artist session to inform, educate and inspire. every Wednesday evening. Space is limited for each event, but there is no limit to how many programs you can participate in, so register today!


All TPG Summer School events will be held at Mattese NYC/Crown Brush Studio: 134 9th Avenue from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.









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Clean Beauty with Caitlin

I love clean beauty, its an obsession actually. I was thinking about this today and wondered where this love for skin started. When I started at MAC Cosmetics back in 2011, I was so intrigued with how to this type of look is achieved. Seeing that I had really just started doing makeup at that point, I asked everyone I could about the trick to getting that dewy skin.

This is very much a subdued version of the type of dewy skin I’m talking about but I now find myself loving the very same products that was recommended. Working for store events, I had the opportunity to ask a MAC Senior Artists and just generally more seasoned artists than myself.

Now that I’ve played with all different types of skin tones and types, I must say it’s my favorite thing to do.

Some of the key skin products for this look were:

1. Tweezerman tools – It’s a dream when your model was dropped from brow heaven, I basically did a bit of cleaning up on a couple of hairs needed and threaded the upper lip because a woman gets busy sometimes.

2. As I write this, I remind myself I need to purchase my Be Fine skin care sugar scrub. It has been a favorite for models in my kit and cleaning and exfoliating the skin before a beauty shoot is important.

3. MAC Cream Colour Base –  Shell & Luna, I usually mix.

4. Elizabeth Arden 24 hour cream

5. MaqPro Makeup Mixer

6. MAC Strobe Cream

7. Embryolisse Creme

8. Face Atelier



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